‘FBI’: Could Rina Trenholm Return To the Show?

by Sean Griffin

FBI fans have wondered for a while whether Rina Trenholm will ever return to the show.

Television fans wrote into TVLine writer Matt Webb Mitovitch to ask questions about their favorite series. One reader, Mary, asked a question about the show.

She asked, “What happened to FBI‘s Rina Trenholm, and why did Kathleen Munroe leave?”

Mitovitch responded to Mary, writing, “I totally forgot I secured you an answer to this Q! On-screen, of course, Rina was shot/critically wounded by Antonio Vargas midway through Season 4,” he revealed.

“Two episodes later, Jubal learned at the hospital that Rina’s parents had made the decision to discontinue her life support. Speaking with TVLine this spring, showrunner Rick Eid explained, “It just felt like an exciting [storyline development], and something that could really happen.” (Also, Jeremy Sisto, for one, speculated it became difficult to involve ADIC Rina with other characters.) Though Rina’s life ended off-camera, Eid made clear, “She’s not coming back; she is in fact dead.”

The author links to a CinemaBlend article. That article explores whether Rina Trenholm would be replaced on the hit show.

However, Mitovitch concluded definitively by quoting showrunner Rick Eid. Rick Eid said, “she’s not coming back; she is in fact dead.” It can’t get more cut and dried than that. FBI fans won’t be able to see Rina Trenholm’s character in the future, barring some sort of cameo appearance in a flashback perhaps.

‘FBI’ Alum Kathleen Munroe’s Life and Career

Munroe was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1982. She currently resides in Los Angeles. She studied cinema at the University of Toronto. Munroe speaks fluent English and French.

She has plenty of film and television credits over her career. However, the last film she acted in was Mark Williams’ A Family Man. She starred alongside Gerard Butler, Willem Dafoe, and Allison Brie.

In 2016, she played “Allison Frasier” in The Void. In 2009, she appeared in Survival of the Dead as Janet in George Romero’s final directorial effort before his death.

However, her most notable work remains on television screens. Over the past two decades, Munroe held roles with a wide variety of fan-favorite shows. Outside of FBI, Munroe held spots on Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med. Munroe played the role of Andrea Danover in both Chicago shows. She had roles on Law & Order: SVU, NCIS: New Orleans, and NCIS: Los Angeles. She had a recurring role in the series Patriot. In that series, she played the part of “Alice Tavner” in the main cast.

She had a main role in Call Me Fitz. Munroe played Ali Devon and appeared in 33 episodes. She appeared in four episodes of CSI: NY as Samantha Flack.