‘FBI’: Here’s How the Show Plans To Bring Back Missy Peregrym’s Maggie Bell

by Taylor Cunningham

Missy Peregrym is currently on away from FBI while enjoying some quality time with her newborn child. But her character, agent Maggie Bell, will return to the story. And thanks to her fill-in actress, we have an idea of when we’ll see her again.

During Season 4, we watched Bell leave the team after she was exposed to sarin gas during an investigation. The effects left her unable to work. And as the rest of the season played out, she was off-screen recovering. Agent Nina Chase, played by Shantel VanSanten, stepped in to cover her duties while she was gone. And for the final four episodes, she remained at the helm.

FBI never specified how long Bell would be out of commission, which had us wondering if she’d be missing for an extended hiatus. But according to VanSanten, the series already knows her return date, and it’s not very far away.

“The plan was always to do these 10 episodes while [Missy] got to have her baby and recover, and then she’ll be back,” the actress told TVLine.

When asked about her own future with the TV show, VanSanten teased, “I think the door is open. And I’m excited to see where that might lead.”

While the actress shared a firm number of episodes, there is a little confusion about exactly when Peregrym will be back to work. VanSanten has starred in four installments so far. However, the series pulled the season finale because it too was too closely related to the Uvalde shooting. So it is unclear if VanSanten is counting that as one of her ten episodes.

Missy Peregrym Confirmed That She’s Returning to ‘FBI’ in September

Missy Peregrym also confirmed that she’d be back to work in September. While the series officially returns on September 20th, the first episodes will have already been filmed. So she will be joining the cast and crew when production is already back in full swing.

FBI is starting up again in a couple weeks,” she said in a video. “But I will be returning to work in September. I understand this is a luxury, and I wish every mother/parent/caretaker had this too. Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support from this community.”

“Thank you to the fans for watching this show so loyally,” she added in the caption. “I am grateful to play Maggie and work with my friends.”

So we do have a fairly accurate timeline for Peregrym’s return. The actress will be back right around Season 5’s one-month mark. And with VanSanten saying that “the door is open” for Nina Chase, we may even get the chance to see the two teaming up on the screen.