‘FBI: International’: Elizabeth Mitchell Opens Up About Returning for Season 2

by Samantha Whidden

While preparing to make an appearance on the first season finale of “FBI: International,” Elizabeth Mitchell reveals whether or not she will be on the action-packed TV series’ second season as well. 

During a recent interview with Looper, Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Forrester’s accused-of-being-a-spy mother, spoke about her “FBI: International” future. “I hope so. I’m so excited it got picked up [for a second season]. That’s really exciting. I’d love to come play with them when they’ll have me. They are a really fun group of people to get to work with, so I’m all for it, should it come to that.”

As she spoke about her “FBI: International” character, Elizabeth Mitchell states, “Our whole question for her is, where do her loyalties lie? A few more questions are answered, and maybe we pose some more, but there’s a little heartbreak in this one.”

Although she couldn’t share details about the upcoming “FBI: International” season finale, Elizabeth Mitchell says she definitely got to work with some amazing people. “Luke Kleintank], again – and I had a really lovely time with the team. It’s really nice group of people over there, and they’re so good at what they do and they draw these complex characters so nicely. That was great.”

When asked if she was a fan of “FBI” before appearing on the spinoff series, Elizabeth Mitchell answers, “I hadn’t watched it, for no other reason than it’s been a crazy couple of years for me, and I haven’t had a chance to catch up with anything. I have to say, Luke- because he is so good – I went back and watched, and I felt like Angela was looking out for him.”

‘FBI: International’ Actress Elizabeth Mitchell Talks About Her Character’s Mother-Son Relationship 

Meanwhile, “FBI: International” actress Elizabeth Mitchell reflects on her character’s relationship with her son, Luke Kleintank’s Scott Forrester. She also talks about her character abandoning Forrester. “I really struggled with that a lot, and the only thing I could think was … as an actor, I always say, instead of saying ‘I would never,’ I say ‘What would make me? What would make me abandon my son?’”

Mitchell also said that a mother leaving their child is something that is really hard to wrap her head around. “It’s something we can’t [understand] as a society, and even as a mom, you’re like, ‘How?’ That’s the only thing I can think of… that by removing yourself from the equation, you save your child’s life. Then it makes sense to me.”

In regards to her interest in the “FBI: International” role, Mitchell says her character is very good at having people see what she wants them to see. “That part of it was the most intriguing to me, because I don’t cultivate myself in the same way. I am here, and I say whatever comes into my head. For her, it’s more methodical than that.”