‘FBI: International’: Luke Kleintank Reveals How Forrester Feels About About His Mother Returning

by Samantha Whidden

With the season finale of “FBI: International” set to air on Tuesday (May 24th), the star of the action-packed TV show Luke Kleintank shares his thoughts about Scott Forrester’s mother, who has been deemed a spy, returning for the upcoming episode. 

While speaking to TV Insider about “FBI: International’s” season finale, Luke Kleintank stated that Forrester is going to have a difficult time with his mother. “The saying is a mother is a song’s first love, so I think it is really hard for him to kind of her down,” Kleintank explained. “I think in that moment he thought, ‘I can’t do this, I don’t know if I can do this.’”

Kleintank also said that his “FBI: International” character did not know what was in the file. “He didn’t really know all the details. And so I think it wasn’t enough for him to bring her in. He’s just confused and that he went to the side of love as opposed to the side of the job.”

When asked how Forrester feels about his mother, Kleintank admits that there is conflict in the character. “He’s wanting her to be good. He doesn’t know whether his mother is actually telling the truth or it’s a complete lie. I think he wants to believe that it’s the truth. He’s a conflicted man.”

‘FBI: International’ Star Luke Kleintank Talks About the Relationship With Forrester & His Mother

Kleintank further points out that Forrester’s mother left him for 15 years. So the character didn’t want to believe that she was capable of being a spy. “But him being an FBI agent and constantly looking for people under a magnifying glass, I think he’s a little wary.”

In regards to whether or not Forrester will be risking a lot for his mother in the finale, Kleintank said the relationship is a big part of the finale. “She gives him some information that potentially could help her and help him. It’s the constant battle of whether or not, again, she’s truly being truthful or is everything a lie and everything that he’s trying to do for her brings her in out of the dark.”

Meanwhile, Luke Kleintank shares details about the relationship between Forrester and Heida Reed’s Jamie Kellett. “There’s always going to be that thing between those two. I think he’s got a deep love for this woman and he knows where she stands and she knows where he stands. But I think he’s a little more keen to keep it going because he’s the boss and he can kind of navigate around it.”

However, as far as the relationship is concerned, Kleintank says there won’t be any of that with the duo during the finale. “This is more of an action-packed, kind of Jason Bourne, Forrester on the run, trying to figure out things for his mother and trying to solve something selfishly for himself.”