‘FBI: International’: Luke Kleintank Reveals Where Scott and Jamie Stand Heading Into the Finale

by Megan Molseed

FBI: International’s first season finale is right around the corner. And now Luke Kleintank, one of the stars of the CBS television drama, is revealing what fans can expect as the season comes to a close. Primarily what fans can expect from Scott and Jamie’s storyline in the finale.

In a recent discussion with TV Insider, Kleintank delves into the personal aspects of his FBI: International character, Scott Forrester, and fellow team member Heida Reed’s Jamie Kellett. Fans of the series know that the dynamic between Scott and Jamie continues to get more and more complicated. The two FBI: International team members have always had a connection. However, where this connection will take the two characters hasn’t been entirely clear all season.

“There’s always gonna be that thing between those two,” Luke Kleintank says of the bond between Scott and Jamie.

“I think he’s got a deep love for this woman,” the FBI: International star explains. “And he knows where she stands and she knows where he stands.”

FBI: International’s Scott and Jamie Share a Close Bond; Even As They Struggle With Where Their Friendship Is Going To Lead

Kleintank notes that the fact that there is a boss/employee dynamic between the two characters makes things a little different for the two FBI: International characters.

“I think he’s a little more keen to keep it going,” Kleintank says of Scott Forrester’s relationship with Jamie.

“He’s the boss and he can kind of navigate around it,” Kleintank adds of his FBI: International character.

“I think she’s worried about him and she knows that he would do anything for her,” the actor adds.

“And so she protects him too,” Kleintank continues. “They’re kind of like a married couple, but not a married couple, you know what I mean?”

Internationals First Season Finale Brings An Intriguing Mid-Air Case While the Team Deals With Personal Storylines

The upcoming FBI: International finale episode titled Crestfallen, premieres Tuesday, May 24 on CBS. This finale episode sees the FBI: International Fly Team investigates a man after a private jet full is shot down over Europe. This private plane had American citizens on board; and the Fly team finds it curious that one of the men scheduled to be on the flight, never made it onto the plane.

And, Kleintank says, this storyline will be at the forefront of the upcoming episode. With little focus on the growing bond between Scott and Jamie.

“We won’t see any of that with them in the finale,” Kleintank says of the FBI: International characters.

“As far as their relationship,” he adds, noting that this first-season finale is focused squarely on the action.

“This is more of an action-packed, kind of Jason Bourne, Forrester on the run,” Kleintank says. However, the star adds, the bond between the two is still apparent even as the team solves the aerial mystery.

The team is right behind him,” he says of Scott.

“Because they all love each other, and so I think in that respect, she cares about him a lot,” Kleintank adds. “And she wants to make sure he’s safe, but she understands what he’s doing.”