‘FBI: International’ Teases ‘Ongoing Challenge’ for Major Characters Moving Forward

by Emily Morgan

According to an “FBI: International” showrunner, fans are in for a wild ride when they tune into the latest episodes of the CBS TV show.

Per Showrunner Derek Haas, the Fly Team is expected to have more drama as the last few episodes of Season 1 of the hit spin-off wrap up. In addition, Haas also hinted at what fans can expect to see in the series’ next two seasons.

As for Season 1, “FBI: International” showrunners have done a stellar job at character development. As you’ll recall, the pilot episode concluded with a jaw-dropping revelation that team leader Forrester, played by Luke Kleintank, and Kellett, played by Heida Reed, were involved romantically.

The two did a good job keeping their relationship under wraps, but it came to a head when Forrester was ready to do whatever it took to cover up the affair, but later, Kellett decided to call it off. So now viewers will see the pair work on their friendship.

Forrester and Sara were in the midst of a budding relationship. However, that came to a screeching halt when he suspected she used him to deliver intel to a criminal organization.

However, Forrester was mistaken in his suspicions but Sara couldn’t get past the broken trust. As a result, she called off their romantic relationship.

As a result, Forrester attempted to go back to Kellett. Yet, during an interview, Haas hinted that this might not mean that they’re getting back together but will start building back their friendship.

“They are more in a friend zone right now. But there are deep feelings for each other that serve as a foundation for their friendship,” he said. “It is a deep closeness they have. They will need to rely on all of that closeness in the finale.”

‘FBI International’ Showrunner Details What’s Ahead for the Team

As for last week’s episode, we saw the Europol liaison Jaeger dealing with the repercussions of giving the team help.

“Jaeger is going to get in hot water with her officious boss at Europol,” Haas said. “He is a petty man to cross, and he will let her know that he doesn’t appreciate the relationship she has built with the Fly Team.”

Behind the scenes, Haas is thrilled about the show getting a Season 2 renewal that will transition into Season 3.

“Now that we know we’re going to be around for a while, we can open up the storytelling and have some more expansive storylines. We’ll also be able to really country hop more this next season where we shoot in different countries more often,” Haas revealed.

As for how the final episodes of Season 1 will play out, Haas is keeping his lips sealed. However, he encourages fans to “buckle up and get ready for our biggest episodes yet.”

“FBI: International” airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.