‘FBI: International’ Welcomes Eva-Jane Willis To Cast for Season 2

by Joe Rutland

When FBI: International comes back to CBS for Season 2, the show will have a new cast member in Eva-Jane Willis. She will be taking over the spot of Christine Paul, who is leaving the Dick Wolf-created show. Deadline reports that Willis is going to play Megan “Smitty” Garretson. Her character reportedly is a street-wise Europol agent. You can find Willis as part of The Fly Team. She has a very solid undercover background, too.

Other work that Willis has been a part of includes Gangs of London on HBO, Maigret Sets a Trap on ITV, London Files on Voot, and Raging Grace for AMC Entertainment. You can catch Willis and her costars on FBI: International. It is part of the Wolf-created FBI franchise night on Tuesday nights.

Luke Kleintank of ‘FBI: International’ Made Interesting Comparison

A while back, star Luke Kleintank made an interesting comparison between his show and another long-running series. Which one? Law & Order. He made an appearance in the NBC drama. “I was scared s***less, and it was my first job…,” Kleintank said in an interview with The List. “I grew up in the theater background, so I didn’t know how anything worked. That was a whole different experience for me.” He adds that going on there was “nerve-wracking.”

Actress Elizabeth Mitchell happened to open up recently about possibly returning to the CBS show for Season 2. “I hope so,” she said in an interview with Looper. “I’m so excited it got picked up [for a second season]. That’s really exciting. I’d love to come play with them when they’ll have me. They are a really fun group of people to get to work with, so I’m all for it, should it come to that.” On there, she plays Forrester’s mother. She is accused of being a spy. Kleintank plays Special Agent Scott Forrester on the show.

CBS Show Received Two-Season Extension From Network

In fact, ahead of the Season 1 finale where Mitchell appeared, Kleintank offers some thoughts about his on-screen mother being on there. Forrester didn’t really know what was in his mother’s file. “He didn’t really know all the details,” Kleintank said. “And so I think it wasn’t enough for him to bring her in. He’s just confused and that he went to the side of love as opposed to the side of the job.”

Other cast members on FBI: International include Carter Redwood as Special Agent Andre Raines, Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett, and Vinessa Vidotto as Special Agent Cameron Vo. Count on this one thing about any show done by Wolf. The storylines will be interesting and keep viewers coming back for more. This show is among those from the franchise getting two-season extensions from CBS.