‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Asks Fans to Name Their Favorite Remy Scott Moment

by Suzanne Halliburton

FBI: Most Wanted gave its fans a gift at mid-season. Dylan McDermott joined the cast as the new supervisory agent of the Fugitive Task Force.

McDermott played the evil, but fashionable Richard Wheatley on Law & Order: Organized Crime. McDermott was so good as Wheatley that photos of the black leather coat he wore on an episode went viral. But Wheatley finished antagonizing Elliot Stabler earlier this year, allowing McDermott to join FBI: Most Wanted. McDermott started filming in March, with his first episode airing April 26th.

FBI: Most Wanted fans love Remy’s moments with his mother. (Mark Schafer/CBS)

McDermott replaced Julian McMahon, who made the unusual move to leave at mid-season. McMahon portrayed Jess LaCroix. And LaCroix didn’t receive a happy send off. In fact, he was killed. McMahon’s new project is believed to be the movie Justice In a Loaded Gun.

As the cast of FBI: Most Wanted returns to work from a summer hiatus, the social media team decided to query fans for their favorite Remy Scott moment. Where to start?

“Last season, FBI: Most Wanted introduced it’s new bagel-loving leader, Remy Scott! Tell us your favorite (heart emoji) Remy moment.”

One fan thought the question was “a joke.” (Because duh, all the moments), writing:

“From the time Remy first came on the scene bearing bagels, I’ve been hooked by his charm, his cool demeanor and his capacity to be a bit of a smartass! But what got me was his inner pain about dealing with the ghost of a dead brother.”

FBI: Most Wanted writers almost immediately gave Remy a sad backstory. His kid brother, a future baseball star, was murdered while on spring break. Remy said the case gave him the motivation to join the FBI. And this sadness also allows him to empathize with victims and their families.

Another fan wrote: “Holy balls”…You mean I can only pick one moment? I mean, the moment with his mum was special and emotional for me because of the personal connection to the storyline. Also, Remy Scott is such a good guy who can reel off the funnies! Dylan McDermott is perfect in this role!”

Remy’s mother suffers from dementia. His sister had been her caretaker. But now that Remy is back in town, he can help, too.

Remy started to date Judge April Brooks on FBI: MOst Wanted. (Mark Schafer/CBS)

And there were more observations about everyone’s favorite FBI: Most Wanted agent. “I love his no nonsense demeanor with the criminals and his soft, compassionate, and caring side he has with his mother and victims and their families.”

Remy just reeks of cool. He gets along with his ex-wife, who is an agent in Las Vegas. She encouraged him to start dating again. So Remy decided to ask out a judge, who initially appeared immune to his charms. By the season finale, Remy was dating Judge April Brooks (Yellowstone’s Wendy Moniz). He first showed up on her doorstep with a cup of coffee as a peace offering. Then it was a bottle of good whiskey. And finally, the two were riding around in his two-seater convertible.

The season four premiere of FBI: Most Wanted is Sept. 20.