‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Dylan McDermott Opens Up About Playing Special Agent Remy

by Caitlin Berard

Earlier this year, Dylan McDermott made the unexpected announcement that he would be stepping away from his role as nefarious mobster Richard Wheatley on Law & Order: Organized Crime. Instead, he would make a full 180 turn and take the leading role of Special Agent Remy Scott on FBI: Most Wanted. Though jumping from villain to hero posed a challenge, Dylan McDermott was more than prepared to become Agent Remy, and his run with Most Wanted is already a hit.

In an interview with CBS News, Dylan McDermott opened up about his new role. “You know, I was able to create the character from the ground up, which was amazing,” he said. “And I talked to Dick [Wolf] and David Hudgins, the showrunner, about how to keep myself rooted in this character.”

“I wanted him to have loss in his life,” McDermott explained. “I had loss in my life early on and I thought it was great to use that for this character because it would fuel me and anchor me in this role for years to come.”

“And that’s proven to be true already,” he continued. “I can always refer and go back to that anytime I’m playing Remy Scott. So, I try to use pieces of my life whenever I can because I just think it adds that extra element, authenticity.”

Sadly, the childhood loss Dylan McDermott experienced was the death of his mother. “I lost my mom early on,” the Most Wanted star revealed. “In the show, I lost my brother. But I do think that loss, sometimes, does fuel people to carry on.”

Dylan McDermott to Continue Playing Agent Remy for Two More Seasons of ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

FBI: Most Wanted fans absolutely adore Dylan McDermott as Special Agent Remy Scott. His new role has been such a success, in fact, that the police procedural was renewed for not one but two more seasons.

“I was blown away,” McDermott said of the two-season renewal. Dylan McDermott joked that he was “sitting by the phone” when he got the news. “This time of year is always a little anxious,” he explained. “Because you never know if the show’s going to be picked up, or was that it? When it comes to a two-year pick-up, that’s huge. Stability.”

Dylan McDermott then described what it was like to step into the role of Agent Remy in a series that already had two seasons. “You know, it was interesting because I was on Organized Crime, which is also a Dick Wolf show. And I was on for two seasons. So when I got the call that he wanted me to come on [FBI: Most Wanted], it was sort of a natural transition.”

“Because [Dick Wolf] was already the Executive Producer,” McDermott added. “So they knew my style of work, they knew what I was going to bring. It seemed like it was rather seamless to come on to another show, but this time to play a good guy.”