‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Dylan McDermott Will Go Undercover, New Set Photos Reveal

by Suzanne Halliburton

FBI: Most Wanted is kicking off its new season with an intriguing story line. Dylan McDermott’s Remy Scott is headed undercover to bust up the bad guys.

Entertainment Tonight got an exclusive look at the photos from FBI: Most Wanted season four premiere. However, CBS has yet to release the photos to the rest of the media. Too bad. McDermott’s Scott looks so in his element. And get this, he’s tatted up, wearing a sleeveless leather vest and riding a motorcycle. Maybe he’s solving a case at a fictional Sturgis Rally.

“Nothing is more exciting than to ride a Harley, change my look and go undercover for the premiere episode of season 4 of FBI: Most Wanted!” McDermott said in an interview with ET.

But to give a little taste of what’s to come, the FBI: Most Wanted social media team shared a TikTok video of McDermott shooting one of the scenes from the premiere. This should give you the vibe:

@fbiscbs How many times have I rewatched this? Check the views. 😌 #fbicbs #fbimostwanted #dylanmcdermott #hesa10but ♬ He’s Mine – Danish

New FBI: Most Wanted Episode Starts with Murder of Family of Four

Entertainment Tonight reported more details about the premiere plotline. The episode name is “Iron Pipeline.” The Fugitive Task Force is trying to figure out how the murders of a family of four are connected to the sale of illegal firearms, The family died in a Georgia hotel room.

There are other subplots in the premiere of FBI: Most Wanted. Roxy Sternberg is back from maternity leave, so that means Barnes is back on duty, too. She’s got to adapt to Remy Scott’s leadership style. McDermott joined the show in the spring, right after Julian McMahon left the show. So Sternberg’s Barnes hasn’t had the time to acclimate with the new office dynamic. And, while Remy is going undercover, he and his sister are planning on how best to take care of their mother, who is suffering from memory issues.

There’s more. Edwin Hodge, an agent who is transferring from the Violent Crimes office in Albany. Miguel Gomez, who portrayed agent Ivan Ortiz, left the show at the end of season three. Writers sent him off to take care of his father, who lives in California.

A year ago, the FBI franchises did a gigantic, three-hour crossover for its fall premiere. But CBS and Wolf Entertainment also were introducing a new show, FBI: International. From the looks of these photos, it doesn’t appear that FBI: Most Wanted is doing any sort of crossover with its sister shows, at least not for the premiere. And the show debuts Sept. 20.

We’ve got more for you. A Dylan McDermott fan page also gathered up some of the snapshots to share with followers. You can get that whole moto feel.