‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Introduces Edwin Hodge’s New Character

by Tia Bailey

A new cast member is joining the next season of “FBI: Most Wanted.” Edwin Hodge appears as Ray Cannon in the series.

The show has been on CBS for three seasons, and has accumulated a loyal fanbase. It’s also a spinoff from the show “FBI.” “FBI: Most Wanted” follows “the division of the FBI tasked with tracking and capturing the notorious criminals on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.”

Season 4 is approaching this September, and Hodge’s addition to the cast was recently announced. Showrunner David Hudgins did an exclusive interview with Deadline about the upcoming season.

“Edwin is playing Ray Cannon, he’s from New Orleans and his father was an FBI agent in the Bureau which is significant because there weren’t a lot of African American agents back in the day,” Hudgins said. “Ray comes from a family of law enforcement so he went straight onto the New Orleans police force when he got out of high school, and he to college at the same time to get his degree. After he was a cop for 10 years, he decided he wanted to go to the bureau with Quantico.”

Ray Cannon will first appear in the second episode of the season. Hudgins shared that Ray’s backstory includes being 15 in Hurricane Katrina, and being a cop in New Orleans.

“They tend to not always play by the rules down there, so there’s a little bit of that in Ray,” he said. “So Remy teaches him how things are done in the FBI and specifically on this task force.”

A Look At “FBI: Most Wanted” Season 4

Hodgins also shared about potential conflicts with the character’s arrival. Barnes (Roxy Sternberg) will be tough on Ray at first.

“She doesn’t necessarily have a problem with him; they do have many similarities. They are both African American and both had been cops. But I think she also sort of feels like hey, this guy has to pay his dues as we all did. So she’s a bit tough on him in the beginning,” he said.

However, he does develop close relationships with other characters more quickly.

“His arrival does upset the dynamic but in a good way,” Hodgins said.

Dylan McDermott, who plays Remy Scott, tweeted a short video with fellow cast members, including Hodge, getting ready to begin filming.

He said: “The Party Begins! @MostWantedCBS @EdwinHodge @RoxySternberg @alexaKdavalos @YoItsKeisha.”

The “FBI: Most Wanted” Twitter responded with a GIF of McDermott saying “Its good to be home.”

Hodgins also shared that a crossover event for the show is a possibility.

“It was a lot more challenging last year because of the pandemic and we’re still very observant and cautious and following all the pandemic protocols. Hopefully, this is going to go away at some point, which will make it easier. The answer is yes, the goal is to do across over the season. We just don’t know when yet,” he said.