‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Expresses ‘Enormous’ Gratitude for Season 4 Renewal

by Samantha Whidden

Following “FBI: Most Wanted” being officially renewed by the CBS network for its fourth season, the star of the action-packed TV series Dylan McDermott expressed his gratitude over the big news. 

While speaking to Give Me My Remote, Dylan McDermott shared his thoughts about “FBI: Most Wanted” being renewed and getting to play Remy Scott. “I’m just happy to be able to get to play this guy,” McDermott stated about his character. “This was something that I got to create with Dick and David Hudgins from the ground up, this character.”

Dylan McDermott also stated that the “FBI: Most Wanted” role is a “natural fit” for him to be able to use his humor. “And to come into a show that was existing and have it all work out, have the two-year pick up. So I just feel enormously grateful that I get to play this guy at this time in my life. So I just looked forward to more, honestly.”

While speaking about the relationship between Remy and Judge April, Dylan McDermott shared what he hopes for that connection. “You know, what I’m most excited about playing a character like this, is that a lot of times, a guy like that would shut down. He wouldn’t put himself out there. And here’s a man who has been through so much, but at the same time, there’s an innocence about him. There’s a playfulness and a willingness to open his heart.”

Dylan McDermott further noted that his character really wants to find love. “He wants to feel again. He wants to be in love again. And I think that’s really cool, because a guy like this has seen so much, has been through so much.”

Dylan McDermott Talks About the ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Finale Scene With the Team’s Family 

Meanwhile, Dylan McDermott opened up about the “FBI: Most Wanted” finale scene with his team’s family. “It was me, Dylan, and me, Remy, speaking to the team, saying how much I appreciate them, and how great they are—because they’re great. They’re wonderful. It’s a wonderful group of people.”

Dylan McDermott further explained that the scene was really heartfelt. “So I didn’t have to draw on anything because I just feel like Alexa and Keisha are wonderful people, and it was easy for me to single them out and tell everybody how wonderful they are.”

 In regards to Remy’s family dynamic, Dylan McDermott added that the situation is very complicated for his “FBI: Most Wanted” character. “ I think that Remy left for a while, maybe because he was working, certainly, but at the same time, I don’t know what he can deal with emotionally. So I think he’s back for reparation.”