‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Posts Exciting Season 4 Filming Update

by Caitlin Berard

After just three seasons with the popular police procedural FBI: Most Wanted, Julian McMahon and his character, Supervisory Special Agent Jess LaCroix, departed from the series. This left a vacancy in the cast that required an immediate replacement.

Luckily, it timed up perfectly with Dylan McDermott’s departure from another Dick Wolf production, Law & Order: Organized Crime, on which he played despicable crime boss Richard Wheatley. When news broke that the Law & Order star would replace McMahon, FBI fans were unsure of the fit, as the vacancy called for a hero.

Neither Dylan McDermott nor Dick Wolf, however, had any doubts. And their judgment turned out to be the correct one, as McDermott managed to turn his character, SSA Remy Scott, into an indelible element of the series in just a few episodes.

Now, the beloved actor is leading the show into not one but two more seasons, as the series was renewed for a 4th and 5th season earlier this year. Season 3 just ended in late May, but for the series’ actors, the summer hiatus is already coming to an end.

Earlier today, Dylan McDermott shared the exciting news that he’s back on the FBI: Most Wanted set, ready to film new episodes. “Back to Work!” he wrote on Twitter, tagging the Most Wanted account.

‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Adores the Series and Remy Scott

Dylan McDermott always knew he could do FBI: Most Wanted, but whether or not he would enjoy playing the hero was another question. Though he’s more than proven his range in his 35 years in Hollywood, McDermott has spent the last several years playing darker characters.

Luckily for FBI: Most Wanted fans and Dylan McDermott himself, however, he couldn’t love the series or his character more. “It’s been such a seamless transition,” he explained to Deadline. “Having worked for the Wolf camp previously, they already understood my style of working. They know that I like to improv and make things up on the spot.”

“I love being on FBI: Most Wanted,” McDermott gushed. “It’s really a great fit for me. I get to be a leading man again which I hadn’t been in a while. I’d been playing these questionable bad guys. So the fact that I’m doing this show and it’s a great fit; I get to use my humor; I get to be dramatic and I get to be romantic.”

“It’s really a dream come true for me,” he continued. “You just never know in showbusiness, you never know when your time is up. You never know you know what kind of roles you’re going to play. Finally, I get to do all of this at once at 60 years old. It’s amazing.”