‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Is Relishing Life After Season 3 Finale

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dylan McDermott, as agent Remy Scott, got to do it all in the Tuesday finale of FBI: Most Wanted. He chased the bad guys, tooled around NYC in his two-seater convertible, spoke Russian and romanced a new love.

It was all a key part of the season three finale called “A Man Without a Country.” But in this FBI: Most Wanted finale, the guy without a country was a Russian oligarch who’d been sanctioned by the United States. Yes, in this alternate TV reality, Russia still invaded Ukraine.

But let’s get back to McDermott, who joined FBI: Most Wanted in March after he finished his role as a devious criminal on Law & Order: Organized Crime. Julian McMahon, who played supervisory agent Jess LaCroix, left the show at mid-season. So enter McDermott’s Remy Scott, who could be one of the coolest characters on network TV.

“I want to say that I love being on FBI: Most Wanted, it’s really a great fit for me,” McDermott told Deadline. “I get to be a leading man again which I hadn’t been in a while. I’d been playing these questionable bad guys. So the fact that I’m doing this show and it’s a great fit; I get to use my humor; I get to be dramatic and I get to be romantic— it’s really a dream come true for me.

“You just never know in show business,” McDermott said. “You never know when your time is up. (And) you never know you know what kind of roles you’re going to play. Finally, I get to do all of this at once at 60 years old—it’s amazing.”

Mark Schafer/CBS ©2022

FBI: Most Wanted Reimagined an Outcome of Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The FBI: Most Wanted finale was a reaction to what’s unfolded this spring with Russia invading Ukraine. However, the action took place in New York. Here’s the plot summary from CBS: “The team chases an oligarch who goes on a terror spree in New York City in a desperate attempt to escape his impossible situation.” The impossible situation involved the finances of Trofim Sarkov, a Russian billionaire. He was a close associate of the Russian president, so the United States placed sanctions on Sarkov, taking most of his assets.

One of those assets was a Cezanne painting worth more than $100 million. Sarkov hired people to steal back the painting so he could sell it on the black market. His men killed six people to steal the painting, including two U.S. marshals. Then the body count started to grow. And Sarkov threatened the families of the FBI agents working the case. He also set off poison gas in the subway station, killing more people. Sarkov would call Remy, asking for up to $500 million to call off his terror plot. In the end, a guard at the Russian embassy killed Sarkov.

Mark Schafer/CBS ©2022

The episode started and ended in much the same way. Remy is dating Judge April Brooks. The judge flew to Montreal for a conference and had no idea that Remy was involved with the case. When she came back, he picked her up for a date, promising her the best crab cakes and fried oysters in the city.

And that’s it for FBI: Most Wanted for season three.