‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Previews ‘Heightened’ Season 3 Finale Case

by Suzanne Halliburton

Dylan McDermott wasted no time in making himself comfortable as the lead agent in FBI: Most Wanted over the last few episodes. And now, he’s giving fans a preview of how season three will end.

The finale is Tuesday night. And similar to the past five episodes of FBI: Most Wanted, his Remy Scott is in the middle of all the action. McDermott says the Tuesday finale will deal with one of the “most heinous criminals of all time.” And given that the show features the murder and misdeeds of some very warped people each week, maybe fans will need to hide their eyes through most of “A Man Without a Country.”

First, here are some of the basics of the episode. The plot summary — “The team chases an oligarch who goes on a terror spree in New York City in a desperate attempt to escape his impossible situation.” The oligarch is Trofim Sarkov.

“This is a heightened episode because our families are at risk,” McDermott told TV Insider. “And that is something that really we haven’t seen before. Every one of the team’s families’ members are threatened, so that really heightens the case and we have to put them in a safe house to make sure that they’re secure and [safe].

“That was really something extra that happens in this particular episode, which I think makes everyone be on edge more so than they normally are.”

Mark Schafer/CBS ©2022

McDermott Says FBI: Most Wanted Bad Guy Is One of Most “Heinous Criminals of All Time’

McDermott offered more details about the FBI: Most Wanted finale.

“So this is a very formidable opponent that we’re facing in Sarkov,” he said. “That’s something that I think Remy is well aware of. This guy has money, he has weapons, he has chemical weapons, and he has resources around the planet. So Remy and the team know that they’re probably up against one of the most heinous criminals of all time.”

McDermott transferred his talents from one Dick Wolf show to another at mid-season. He had played suave bad guy Richard Wheatley in Law & Order: Organized Crime. Then, when Julian McMahon opted to leave his role of Jess LaCroix in FBI: Most Wanted, McDermott helped create the role of Remy Scott. And his character also is suave and the lover of good scotch or a full-bodied red wine. He also tries to feel empathy for the criminals he chases. He became an FBI agent after his younger brother was murdered.

Mark Schafer/CBS ©2022

There’s also a fun side to Remy. You’ll see that in the FBI: Most Wanted finale. Earlier this month, Remy began flirting with Judge April Brooks. And from the finale photos, we see the two laughing and holding hands.

“Oh, that’s been so much fun,” McDermott said of the blossoming romance. “When I studied the show before I came on, I really felt that it was important to infuse humor and playfulness in the show. I didn’t see a lot of that when I was watching it, so I really wanted to have that quality to add to the show because we’re dealing with such a dark subject matter each week and I thought it was good to kind of juxtapose the humor and the playfulness of Remy.

“Now we’re really seeing that other side to him, the softer side to him in terms of this romance. And that’s a great thing to play, to be able to do that and then to go out into the field and catch a fugitive. It’s a dream come true, this role.”