‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Dylan McDermott Says People Were ‘Surprised’ by His Remy Character: Here’s Why

by Taylor Cunningham

Dylan McDermott made a jump from Law & Order: Organized Crime to FBI: Most Wanted this year. And the on-screen transformation left fans puzzled.

The actor joined Most Wanted just after his crime boss Richard Wheatley character left the Law & Order courtroom. Both TV shows are Dick Wolf creations and are technically part of the same universe.

On FBI: Most Wanted, Dylan McDermott plays Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott, who is nothing like Wheatley. Remy is an all-around good guy. And he would do anything for his team. On the other hand, Wheatley was an all-around psychopath who killed multiple people, including Stabler’s wife.

While talking to TVInsider ahead of this week’s Most Wanted Season finale, McDermott admitted that fans were expecting him to play a character similar to Wheatley. And when that didn’t happen, they were pleasantly impressed.

“I think people were surprised because, after Richard Wheatley, people weren’t sure if I could play someone good,” he said. “So I had to show everyone I could be good again.”

And he did prove himself worthy. Thanks to his versatility, the actor was able to nail his new part. So he’ll be staying with the task force for the foreseeable future.

Dylan McDermott Talks About Creating His ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Character

But developing Remy wasn’t an easy feat. As he told CBS News, Dylan McDermott had to “create the character from the ground up” in a short amount of time. However, having the chance to do that was also an “amazing” opportunity.

To build his new persona, Mcdermott worked with both Dick Wold and showrunner David Hudgins. He credits them both for helping him stay “rooted” in Remy. But he drew a lot of his new personality from a painful childhood memory.

“I wanted him to have loss in his life,” McDermott shared. “I had loss in my life early on. And I thought it was great to use that for this character because it would fuel me and anchor me in this role for years to come. And that’s proven to be true already.”

Unfortunately, that personal loss came when McDermott’s mother died when he was only a kid. In Remy’s backstory, he also suffered the death of a family member. But for that, it was his brother who died.

“I do think that loss, sometimes, does fuel people to carry on,” he shared. “I can always refer and go back to that anytime I’m playing Remy Scott. So, I try to use pieces of my life whenever I can because I just think it adds that extra element, authenticity.”

Watch Dylan McDermott in his new role tomorrow (May 24) during the FBI: Most Wanted on CBS at 10/9c.