‘FBI’ Star Missy Peregrym Announces the Arrival of Her Newborn Daughter: PHOTO

by Caitlin Berard

Back in April, Missy Peregrym and her character, Maggie, made their dramatic exit from the TV drama FBI. That said, though Maggie suffered through a fictional event involving sarin gas and vicious murderers, Missy simply needed some time away for maternity leave.

Missy announced her pregnancy with her second child prior to her departure in February, and today, she revealed that Mela Joséphine Oakley was born on June 6th at 3:22 am. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the FBI star described the experience of birth and her gratitude for her lengthy maternity leave from the hit show.

“I had the most profound experience,” the FBI star wrote. “After a hospital birth with Otis, I chose to have a water birth at home. It’s usually all about the baby. But this time, I was also cared for in every way, before, during, and after the birth. I was scared and supported, excited and cheered on, fully seen and heard. Lots of tears, questions, and just as much laughter.”

She went on to express her appreciation for her birthing team and devoted husband, Tom, during delivery. Missy then discussed the remainder of her maternity leave and eventual return to Maggie and the police procedural.

“[FBI] is starting up again in a couple of weeks,” Missy wrote. “But I will be returning to work in September. I’m relieved and grateful that I am afforded the space to bond with my family, rest and heal, and be a mother (which is harder than work!). I understand this is a luxury, and I wish every mother/parent/caretaker had this too. Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support from this community.”

‘FBI’ Boss Rick Eid Discusses Planning for Missy Peregrym’s Departure

Pregnancy can be an incredibly stressful time for mothers. Not only do they have pregnancy and birth itself to worry about but there are also the other aspects of their lives to consider, including their career. For Missy Peregrym, however, her colleagues couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding.

FBI showrunner Rick Eid knew Missy would need time off before and after giving birth, but he didn’t mind at all. “Basically, I told her, ‘Tell us what you want what you need, and we’ll do our best to accommodate it’. She was feeling great and wanted to work for as long as she could,” Eid explained to Variety.

Eid’s main concern was handling the departure in the best way possible for both Missy and her character Maggie. “We just wanted to credibly send her off within the imaginary worlds we’re living in,” he said. “And make it so that she can come back when she’s physically ready to come back.”

As for dealing with the aftermath of an integral character’s departure, Eid describes it as more of an adventure than a hassle. “It gives you an opportunity to think of a new character possibly, or a new dynamic or new partnerships. And to explore, whether permanently or temporarily, a different dynamic or different elements. It can be exciting,” the FBI boss said.