‘FBI’ Star Missy Peregrym Assures Fans She’s Retuning for Season 5

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, Missy Peregrym is returning to FBI for its fifth season. No need to worry about Maggie. Sarin gas can’t sideline this boss agent forever.

FBI finished off its final month on the air without Peregrym, who took maternity leave as she prepared for the birth of her second child. But when she finished filming, she left a message to her fans on social media. She promised she’s coming back as Maggie Bell.

After she filmed an episode called “Fear Nothing,” Peregrym wrote: “This (FBI) crew/cast has worked their ass off and I wish I was with everyone to celebrate but it makes it easier knowing I have TWO years with them when I return from maternity leave. Thank you to the fans for watching this show so loyally, I am grateful to play Maggie and work with my friends. One day, I might be better at making videos but I have always counted on Zeeko Zaki  for this… I know my limits.”

Zaki, who plays Bell’s partner OA on the show, replied: “Counting down the days.”

FBI is in summer reruns. And you can catch Bell’s final episode Tuesday night (June 21). To refresh your memory, here’s the plot tease from CBS. “OA is forced to confront one of his biggest fears when the team discovers that deadly sarin gas may have been sold to terrorists.”

Spoiler alert, when FBI writers send you off on maternity leave, they give you an incredible reason. Maggie and OA tracked down Hakeen Abbas, a terrorist. to a lab. They feared Abbas had sarin gas, which he planned to release in NYC. So the two agents didn’t have time to wait for proper gear to search for him. Maggie and OA split up as they did a room-by-room search. Maggie found Abbas. He refused to go peacefully. As he tried to flee, he knocked over a cannister of the gas. Maggie killed Abbas and tried to keep the gas from leaking. Within moments, the door to the room was automatically locked and sealed to keep the gas from leaking.

Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki (David Russell/CBS ©2022)

OA, who by then was on the other side of the window, couldn’t break the glass or get into the door. He watched in horror as Maggie struggled to stay conscious. He finally pushed a fire extinguisher into the window, which triggered the door to reopen, and rescued his partner. OA watched over Maggie at the hospital. He even held her hand, telling Maggie “I can’t do this without you, I don’t want to do this without you.” 

She finally regained consciousness. Meanwhile, the FBI reassigned another partner with OA as Maggie recovered. By the end of season four, OA was struggling himself. His temp partner thought he was hallucinating because of PTSD. But OA really was seeing another terrorist who presumably died years ago. After the agents prevented a plane from blowing up, OA sought counseling.

CBS renewed FBI for another two seasons. So check for new episodes this fall.