‘Fixer Upper’ Star Chip Gaines Sparks Fan Concern With Cryptic Post

by Alex Falls

There’s a lot of work that comes with running a multi-media empire. And there are few people in the world who know the kind of work that Chip Gaines has performed in life. Along with his wife Joanna Gaines, the couple has turned home renovation into a massive brand with Magnolia Farms.

What started as a popular TV show with Fixer Upper has turned into their very own network, the Magnolia Network. On top of their very own empire, they also have five children. It seems the Gaines plate is always full.

Sometimes that kind of schedule can add up. Chip might be feeling one of those times right now based on a cryptic Tweet he sent out yesterday.

Chip is usually known for his upbeat and goofy attitude. And he rarely posts on his Twitter account. So his recent comment had fans scratching their heads. There are no indications on either his or Joanna’s social media accounts about what he might be referring to. But that didn’t stop their fans from chiming in with words of support.

One fan who was also named Chip wrote, “Man I don’t know what’s up but at least you have a super cool name!!!! Seriously though I hope all is good!!” Another added, “Keep your head up Chip! You got this!” Someone also suggested, “Change the narrative, go get an ice cream.”

A Big and Loving Gaines Family

Between fixing houses, building a business, and changing lives, the Gaines have a busy schedule. But they’re also loving parents with five kids in their family. Perhaps what Chip is referring to is their oldest moving through the final phases of childhood and entering his senior year of high school.

The power couple opened up to People about the experience of seeing their children grow older and become their own people. As much as Joanna Gaines loves to see her children grow up and achieve new goals, she’s still blown away by how time passes. “I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember him being a baby and then how did this happen?'” Joanna said. “So that’s where, for us, it’s like, how do you slow down time? Because we know time actually doesn’t slow down.”

“But when you choose and you’re intentional about what it is you do during the day and how you spend your evenings in some, I think unique way, you can actually slow time down and really savor those moments,” Joanna continues. “That’s what we’re really wanting to do, is pay attention and say, ‘Hey, this last year we held it well and go on. Go on, young man. Go do something amazing.’ But I want to hold it well.”