Former Coach on ‘The Voice’ Could Face Eight Years in Jail in Tax Fraud Case

by Suzanne Halliburton

Shakira, the international superstar who coached on The Voice for two seasons, faces eight years in prison and a hefty fine if she’s convicted of tax fraud.

Shakira declined a settlement deal this week offered by prosecutors in Spain. And since her refusal, prosecutors said they would seek a punishment of eight years plus two months in prison and a fine of up to 24.5 million Euros. The charges were in an indictment turned into a judge outside of Barcelona. The indictments were made public, Friday.

Here’s what’s at issue. Prosecutors allege Shakira failed to pay taxes to the Spanish government in 2012 and 2014. The taxes total about 14.5 million Euro. She lived then with her partner, Gerard Pique, who is a Spanish soccer star. The government contends that Shakira lived more than half the year in Spain in each of those two tax seasons. So, therefore, the government said she owes taxes. Prosecutors also said that Shakira pretended to live elsewhere, then used an offshore corporate structure to avoid payment. The tax allegations also overlap from when Shakira was a judge on The Voice. She and Usher joined The Voice, replacing Cee Lo Green, in season four in 2013. Usher and Shakira returned together in 2014 for season six.

The Associated Press reported that Shakira’s public relations team said the singing star already deposited the tax money the government said she owes, plus an extra $3 million. Prosecutors wanted Shakira to admit guilt as part of the plea deal.

Shakira and Pique broke up earlier this year as rumors swirled that he had cheated on her. The two have two children together.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez sizzled at the Super Bowl in Miami, Feb. 2, 2020. The Colombian-born singer is big in the USA. She was a two-time judge on The Voice and is part of Dancing with Myself reality show this summer. She’s in tax trouble in Spain. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Shakira, who is from Colombia, is known for her singing and dancing. (See her halftime performance at the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami). So she helped mentor performers on The Voice. And this summer, she also showed off her skills in Dancing with Myself. NBC, which broadcasts The Voice, also does Dancing with Myself.

On the reality show, people of any age accept dance challenges created by celebrity judges. Nick Jonas, another former judge on The Voice, also is part of this new dancing show. The show reflects the current social media trends across the country. TikTok is full of creative dance videos.

Meanwhile, The Voice returns this fall for its 22nd season after taking off the spring. There were tweaks to the judging panel. Long-time judge Kelly Clarkson left the show. So did pop star Ariana Grande. Conversely, Gwen Stefani returns along with John Legend. Stefani’s return will make Blake Shelton happy. The OG judge met Stefani and fell in love with her when she first appeared on The Voice. The two married in July 2021.