Former ‘The Voice’ Contestant Arrested for Allegedly Having Illegal Contact With a Minor

by Samantha Whidden

Kata Hay, a country singer and former contestant of “The Voice,” has been reportedly arrested for allegedly having illegal contact with a friend’s minor son.

According to TMZ, the former “The Voice” contestant was arrested on Tuesday (June 14th) in Sumner County, Tennessee. The 35-year-old singer was allegedly making sexual comments about the 16-year-old boy right in front of his parents. Authorities also report that the singer had been staying at the family’s home for a short period of time. The minor also revealed that Hay made out with him and forced him to touch her inappropriately multiple times against his will. 

The minor’s mother also told police that she had actually confronted the former “The Voice” contestant about the incidents. She also recorded their conversation before kicking Hay out of her home. The recordings allegedly include Hay acknowledging that the minor’s claims were true. Hay may have been under the influence when the conversation took place.

Hay, a contestant on “The Voice” in 2016, is also in trouble for violating probation relating to a separate DUI case. She spoke to TMZ about the case by stating, “As you know a charge is not a conviction.” 

Carson Daly Opens Up About the ‘High Panic’ Moments on ‘The Voice’

During a recent interview, Carson Daly opened up about the “high panic” moments while being on the set of “The Voice.”

Daly, who is “The Voice” host and “TODAY” co-host, admitted he’s not always as calm as he seems. “You may think my life’s perfect, I’ve got kids. I always look happy on TV or when you watch me on ‘The Voice.’ But that’s just not how it works. It’s not like that.”

Daly also said while on “The Voice” his right hand is in his right pocket because he’s gripping into the flesh of his thigh. “I’m waiting for a high panic moment to pass.”

Daly further revealed that he struggles with moments of panic and hyperventilation. However, he’s in a “much better place” since talking about his anxiety in 2018. “Once you realize that other people have [generalized anxiety disorder],” Daly explained. “That it’s an actual diagnosable thing, and there is a whole psychology and physiology behind it – you have context, and I think learning about all that, talking about it, exploring it has just ripped the veil.”

Daly then talks about “Mind Matters,” which is a summer-long TODAY series. It looks to share powerful mental health stories of everyday people. He added, “I’ve never had an issue with clinical depression … but when doing ‘Mind Matters,’ I have a chance to talk to people who struggle differently than I do with suicidal ideation or depression, and I’m in such awe of the bravery of people.”