Fox President Speaks Out About ‘Down-to-the-Wire’ Negotiations for ‘9-1-1’

by Joe Rutland

Fox has a pretty powerful Monday night lineup which will start with the Angela Bassett-starring drama 9-1-1. But there were some possibilities around the show possibly getting put on ABC by 20th Television. Michael Thorn, who is the Fox Entertainment president of entertainment, talked about this situation in an interview with Variety.

“I would have to believe that every network would want 9-1-1, if they could afford it,” Thorn said. “It’s one of the biggest shows on TV. But really, the truth is this is old-school, down-to-the-wire negotiation that, like a lot of these negotiations, come down literally to the last second. And in the case of 9-1-1, it was actually a second past the last second. It actually closed as I was walking into our upfront.”

Angela Bassett of ‘9-1-1’ Enjoys Different Parts of Her Character

“This was just a case of old-school, third-party negotiation on a hit show that went down to the wire,” he said. “Everyone involved believes it’s always in the best interest of the show, and therefore the creators and talent, to stay on the platform you were born on, and so that was always the goal. There were no threats to move it to ABC, and it was just a very thoughtful negotiation on an important show for both companies.”

Bassett plays Athena Grant on the Fox drama and she does enjoy playing the character on 9-1-1. She said that she does enjoy playing both the strong and vulnerable sides of her character in the show. In an interview with Deadline, Bassett says she’s “always been attracted to strong, resilient female characters.” This reportedly is the reason that Bassett said she is “thrilled to have this opportunity to portray [Athena Grant] weekly.” There are two other things to note. Bassett talked about “the complexity of who she is” and “her humanity” that are within Grant.

What Motivates Bassett In Her Career?

For many actors and actresses, there are different things that motivate them to succeed. It might be fame or fortune to some of them. For Bassett, though, she has her own ideas about motivation. “I’ve never been motivated solely by money or fame,” Bassett told InStyle. “For me, it’s always and only been for the joy of following my dreams. That’s what makes me feel alive.” Bassett added that she likes seeing younger actors and actresses work.

It comes from their open-mindedness around something called self-expression. The actress does great work on 9-1-1 alongside Peter Krause. He plays Fire Captain Bobby Nash on the show and does so quite well. It will be interesting to see how all the storylines come together on the show this coming season. 9-1-1 is coming back on Monday nights.