‘Frasier’ Fans Think He Should Have Ended Up With This Love Interest

by Caitlin Berard

The iconic sitcom Frasier follows the daily life of Chicago-based psychiatrist and radio host Frasier Crane, played by Kelsey Grammer. Though much of the series surrounds Frasier’s work giving advice to the “tossed salads and scrambled eggs” who call into his radio show, it delves into his personal life a great deal as well.

In addition to his close (often too close for his own comfort) relationships with his father and brother, Frasier also has quite a few romantic interests throughout the series’ 11-season run. In fact, romance played a major role in the very creation of the character.

Back when he was introduced in the classic TV series Cheers, Frasier was the love interest of Diane Chambers as part of the romantic arc between Sam and Diane.

After his debut, writers only intended the character to appear in a few episodes. Producers and fans loved him so much, however, that not only was his Cheers role increased but he later received his very own spinoff series.

The spinoff picks up where Cheers left off in Frasier’s life, but instead of living with his wife and son, the psychiatrist is single and living with his elderly father. This allowed the character to fully develop into the hopeless romantic fans know and love.

And while he had many interesting and entertaining partners over the years, there’s one woman, in particular, with whom fans always hoped Frasier Crane would end up.

‘Frasier’ Fans Name Their Favorite Love Interest

In a recent Reddit thread, Frasier fans discussed their all-time favorite love interest for the beloved psychiatrist. The original poster created a poll including six options: Claire, Faye, Cassandra, Lana, Emily, and Alistair.

The final option was an obvious joke about the gay opera director who fell in love with Frasier in Season 11. “Alistair and Frasier as a couple could be a whole sitcom in itself. Brilliant together,” one fan joked. The remaining five, however, were serious options for the character throughout the series.

The poll received 517 votes and nearly half went to one character: Claire French, who received a whopping 222 votes.

Now, she wasn’t the universal choice. Some fans claim the relationship between Claire and Frasier was “boring”. For most, though, their clear chemistry made her the ideal choice for the pompous yet vulnerable psychiatrist. “She was his best match and as a bonus, everyone loved her,” wrote one Claire enthusiast.

The runner-up in the poll was Faye, but fans in the comments seemed to have a different opinion. “Really surprised how little love there is for Cassandra out there,” one fan said. “I thought she was fabulous and utterly charming!” added another. “Cassandra can’t catch a concupiscent cheer from anyone,” joked a third.