‘Frasier’: Here’s What Fans Are Hoping For in the Reboot

by Alex Falls

Any conversation revolving around the best sitcoms of the 90s will inevitably lead to a discussion about the classic TV show Frasier. The acclaimed series started off as a Cheers spinoff starring Kelsey Grammer as the affluent radio host Frasier Crane. The show was a smash hit that ran for 11 seasons. Today it is remembered as one of the most acclaimed comedy series of all time and a dedicated fan base still exists.

For years, fans have begged to see their favorite characters made a come back to our TV screens. Those dreams are finally set to come true with the upcoming series revival on Paramount+. Grammer has confirmed his return as Frasier. The new episodes with be executive produced by Chris Harris of How I Met Your Mother and Joe Cristalli of Life in Pieces. Grammer’s production company, Grammnet Productions will be involved as well.

Fans wait with bated breaths to learn more about the revival. So far, details have been hard to come by. Aside from some of the creative talent involved, the information we have is still relatively slim. No other cast members have confirmed any involvement, and the release date is still a mystery. But this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about what they hope to see when Frasier finally makes its return.

What Frasier Fans Are Hoping to See

Most importantly to Frasier fans, they want to see a proper continuation. They want to see the series pick up where it left off and feature lots of references to the original. “I hope Frasier makes casual mention of some of his antics perhaps as he reflects on how much he’s changed over the years,” u/FamilyForceQuartet wrote in the Frasier subreddit while discussing the revival.

Users agreed and gave some examples they’re hoping to see referenced. Some fans hope to see the infamously ugly armchair belonging to Frasier’s father make a return.

Fans would love connections to the old series. However, they should also expect new directions for the character. The new season won’t be taking place in its classic setting of Seattle. Grammer said in a recent interview reported by Looper to expect some surprises in store. “He thinks he’s going to go off and do one thing, and sure enough, his life takes him in another direction — and he ends up rich beyond his dreams.”

Grammer has been looking forward to a Frasier revival for years, and he seems excited about what’s in store. In a preview for The Talk, Grammer said the final script for the first episode was just coming together. So far, he loves what he’s seeing. “It looks pretty good. I’ve had a couple of runs through it, and I cried, so you know, I’m happy,” Grammer said.

He also revealed production should begin this fall. However, he also admitted the schedules of everyone involved make it difficult to know for sure when they’ll go in front of cameras. Fans continue to wait eagerly for more news regarding Frasier‘s comeback.