‘Frasier’: How Many Dogs Played Eddie During the Show’s Run?

by Taylor Cunningham

Remember the charming dog Eddie from Frasier? It turns out that a father-son duo played the iconic role.

The Cheers spinoff surrounded the lives of several quirky TV characters, like Frasier Crane and his high-brow brother Niles. And of course, the unlikely blue-collared father Marty was also a fan favorite as was his witchy live-in Nurse, Daphne.

But often the real star of the show was the Jack Russell terrier who was a faithful companion to Marty and a constant annoyance to Frasier.

Eddie was a hilariously intelligent pal who seemed to know just how to get under Frasier’s skin. But no matter what, Frasier was stuck with the four-legged roommate because he was forever Marty’s best friend.

So what four-legged star was behind the role of Eddie? Interestingly, there were two dogs who played the part, and they were related.

An Identical Father and Son Team Played the Role of Eddie on ‘Frasier’

A dog named Moose and his son Enzo starred as Eddie on Frasier. Luckily the two were identical in both smarts and looks. And just as it is with young child actors, it’s easier to have two dogs play a part than one. That way, when they get bored, worn out, or simply don’t want to listen, the other actor is on hand. And filming doesn’t have to come to a halt.

Moose was about three when he earned the part of Eddie on Frasier. And the reason he beat out the competition was that he was so well-trained. The pup could instantly pull off any command without pause or fail. And during the height of the series, he got more fan mail than his castmates.

Moose was actually so skilled that he starred in multiple gigs at once. While working on Frasier, he also played the lead role in My Dog Skip as “old Skip.” And in that movie, he also shared his duties with his son.

Eventually, Enzo took the spot of Eddie full-time in Frasier. Through season eight, Moose held the bulk of the episodes. But at that point, he retired leaving Enzo alone. However, for the series finale, Moose made one last appearance for the curtain call. By that time, the poor pup had gone deaf and his fur had turned white. But his trainer noted that he still recognized the rumble of applause when he came on stage.

Moose passed away at the age of 15 in 2006. And Enzo followed in 2010 at the age of 14.

Before Moose died, however, there were already talks of a Frasier reboot. And in anticipation, the show asked his owners to breed the dog for a future Eddie, which they did.

Now that there is an actual spinoff in the works, we’ll finally meet the original Eddie’s younger sons and see how they work to pester Frasier this time around.