‘Friends’ Star Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why Tom Selleck, Other Guest Stars Were ‘Terrified’

by Joe Rutland

For many actors, going on a show like Friends could be a bit daunting and star Jennifer Aniston believes she has a reason for it. Aniston played Rachel Green on there and has had quite a career, too. You can find her starring in The Morning Show these days. Recently, she had a conversation with fellow actor Sebastian Stan for Variety. In it, Aniston would reveal a very key point. It’s about how Tom Selleck and other guest stars would be on Friends.

“And by the way, every actor who was a film actor who came onto our show, they were terrified,” Aniston says. “It was like, ‘Who are these people laughing at what I’m saying?'” For his part, Selleck tells talk-show host Kelly Clarkson that he was “scared to death” about doing his time on Friends.

Tom Selleck Backs Up Jennifer Aniston’s Claim About ‘Friends’

“I was scared to death,” Selleck says of his time on Friends. “I had done Taxi a long time before, but I hadn’t done a sitcom.” Clarkson would say she thought Selleck was “amazing” in his role on the sitcom. Selleck would say that he “wasn’t amazing at what they call the table read.” One time, Aniston was chatting it up SiriusXM host Howard Stern. She revealed what it was like working with Selleck. But Aniston would be joking a bit about him in her chat.

Additionally, she starts talking about a male actor who would apologize for their behavior years after being on the show. Aniston tells Stern that the actor said, “I was so nervous, to be honest, that I wasn’t on my best behavior.” She goes on to say that it was like the actor was “just too ‘above’ this, to be on a sitcom.” Aniston recalls going through a run-through and network execs and producers would laugh. “And this person would be like, ‘Listen to them, just laughing at their own jokes. So stupid, not even funny.'” Stern then asks if this person was Selleck. Aniston replies jokingly, “It was Tom. You just don’t know how cruel and unusual he is…Tom has an angel’s halo over his head, it’s just a permanent halo over Tom’s head.”

Actress Finds Herself Playing In ‘The Facts of Life’ Reenactment

Meanwhile, back in 2021, Aniston had a role on one of the shows Jimmy Kimmel had in his series Live in Front of a Studio Audience. A number of classic TV sitcoms pop up in new ways for modern-day audiences. One of them was The Facts of Life, which originally aired as a sitcom on NBC. In this version, Aniston played Blair Warner. The series actually did a reenactment of a Season 3 episode titled Kids Can Be Cruel.