‘Full House’ Star Candace Cameron Bure’s Daughter Stands Up for Her Mom Amid Feud With Pop Star

by Taylor Cunningham

Candace Cameron Bure’s daughter Natasha has her mom’s back as a feud boils with pop star JoJo Siwa.

On July 25th, Siwa joined a social media challenge that asks people to name the rudest, nicest, and coolest celebrities they’ve ever met. And in hers, she dishonored Bure with the title of rudest.

Because Candace Cameron Bure has a reputation for being genuine and kind in Hollywood, the surprising blast has gone viral and given the Full House star a dose of unwanted attention. And that led to friends and family supporting Bure through the drama.

Most recently, the former Hallmark queen’s 23-year-daughter joined the slew of celebrities posting positive tidbits in retaliation. And to do that, she gushed about her parents’ rock-solid marriage.

In an Instagram post, Natasha posted a series of pictures that highlight the happy couple getting cozy in a restaurant. And alongside the snapshots, she captioned, “I wanna be them when I grow up ❤️ God gave me the coolest Mama & Papa. Could take pictures of them all day long.”

Loving the kind gesture, Candace Cameron Burre replied, “I love you baby. My girl. Forever and ever.”

While Natasha didn’t directly address the JoJo Siwa situation, fans instantly knew why she made the post. And several of them made it a point to note that Candace emulates charm and kindness.

“See I knew your momma wasn’t the rudest person!!” a follower responded. “That Jojo girl is wrong about her!! Love you both.” 

“Love this!!” wrote another. “Ignore the background noise… Jojo just trying to stay relevant so she’s going after your momma who is EVERYONES fav childhood DJ TANNER… #jojojelous.”

Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Story Behind ‘Rude’ Meeting

Following the TikTok video, Candance Cameron Bure remained silent about the situation. But today she admitted in an Instagram video that she did not take the call-out lightly. And she had already reached out to The J Team star to ease tensions.

In the clip, Candace admitted that she was “shocked” when she learned that Siwa named her the rudest celebrity she’d ever encountered. And Candace “immediately” reached out to her because she “didn’t know what happened.” 

Siwa spoke to Candace and apologized for the drama saying that she didn’t think her video would go viral. And she also shared that she actually thought that Candace Cameron Bure was “super nice.” But then, she recounted an interaction that the two had that Bure had long forgotten.

Apparently, JoJo Siwa first met the Fuller House starlet on the red carpet. And when she asked for a picture with her, Candace said, “Not right now,” and then walked away.

Siwa admitted that, as an adult, she understands why Candace Cameron Bure made the seeming snub. But at the time, she was just a child, and it “broke” her heart.