‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier Reveals What He Remembers Most From the Show

by Megan Molseed

In 1987, Dave Coulier’s famous Full House character, Joey Gladstone, moved into the Tanner house to help take care of his buddy’s three young girls. The underlying premise of this hit TV sitcom series was based on tragedy. The mother of these three young girls has passed away, leaving the late Bob Saget’s widower character Danny Tanner alone to raise his daughters DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. However, the laughs are non-stop in this Full House as the widower Tanner gets plenty of help from two of his closest confidants…Coulier’s Joey Gladstone and John Stamos’s Jesse Katsopolis.

“We laughed our tails off,” Dave Coulier remembers of his days starring on the hit series.

“We had such a good time that we still talk about the stories when we get together,” the actor and comedian continue of his Full House costars during a discussion with Fox News. Coulier adds that the entire Full House cast was very close. So close, the star says, that they became family during their time filming the hit series.

“We are very close,” Coulier explains.

“We are a very — it is almost insane that a TV show becomes a real family,” the actor and comedian relates. “But we did.”

Full House Star Dave Coulier Reflects On The Major Life Moments He And His Costars Went Through Over The Years, Starring In The Hit Series

During his time reflecting on the years working closely with his Full House costars, Dave Coulier remembers how the cast faced some major real-life moments during the show’s eight seasons on the ABC airwaves. Including the meteoric rise to fame that the actors experienced while filming the hugely popular family sitcom series.

“We have been there for everything from, you know, the start of our show to the cancellation of our show,” Dave Coulier relates.

“From being no-names to being huge names,” the actor and comedian adds.

“From births, divorces, deaths, marriages,” he explains. “You name it. We have been through it like a real family.”

Joining Dave Coulier’s Joey Gladstone in helping Saget’s Danny Tanner is Danny’s brother-in-law, Jesse who is portrayed by John Stamos. Fans of the series know that Uncle Jesse has three obsessions: his bike, his hair, and Elvis. And, during the second-season premiere episode of the series, young Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) threatens two of these obsessions.

Pretending to give her uncle a haircut, Stephanie accidentally makes a real cut and Jesse does not handle it well. In his rush to the barber to fix the mistake, Jesse wrecks his beloved bike breaking both of his arms. Blaming Stephanie for these painful results Jesse spends the episode being fairly mean to his young seven-year-old niece.

“I really hated [Uncle Jesse] in that episode where he broke his arms[,]” one Full House fan has said of the storyline. “She was so mean to Stephanie.”

Another fan notes that the young Stephanie was no doubt already feeling guilty for her mistake. Thankfully, however, the episode was purely fictional; and Stamos’s hair (and the bike) faced no harm in real life!