‘Full House’ Fans Claim Show Comedian Joey Gladstone Is Not Funny

by Megan Molseed

From 1987 until 1995 the hit family sitcom series Full House ruled the Friday night primetime TV ratings. The hit series follows a widower named Danny Tanner who is portrayed by the late Bob Saget as he struggles to raise his three young daughters after his wife’s death. However, Danny’s brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos) and longtime buddy, Dave Coulier’s Joey Gladstone soon step in to help. The results, of course, are TV comedy gold.

But, some fans of the popular series are speaking out about one of the show’s main characters, Coulier’s Joey Gladstone, noting that his comedian character was never really funny. In fact, one Reddit user calls the character’s standup routine “corny and cringeworthy.”

Fans Aren’t Impressed With Full House Character’s Unfunny Comedy Routines

In a recent Reddit post, one Full House fan comments on how they never saw Dave Coulier’s Full House character as funny. In fact, the fan says, Danny (Saget) and Stamos’s Jesse were funnier.

“I never thought Joey was funny,” the Redditor comments in a recent post. “[Not] even a bit.” This Full House fan notes that the character’s “cartoon voices” and standup routine were “all corny and cringeworthy.”

In fact, the fan says the other characters were funnier. “I thought Danny was funnier. (“Your woman is everywhere.”) When John played Cousin Stavros, he was hilarious,” the Redditor says. “Both were naturally funnier than Joey.”

Full House Fans Agree – Joey Gladstone Was Not A Great Comedian

Reddit fans were quick to respond to this post, many noting that they are in full agreement with this take. In fact, one commenter says, the character wasn’t given any “real’ humor in the series.

“I never found Joey all that funny either,” the Redditor agrees.

“I think the issue is that he was supposed to be funny because he was the comedian,” the commenter continues.

“Jesse and Danny weren’t comedians (on the show at least) so the writing staff had to make them funny or write them zingers or whatever,” the poster adds. “Joey was the butt of a lot of jokes and I feel like the writers didn’t know how to make a character that was a comedian funny.”

This Reddit user does add, however, that while he wasn’t funny, Coulier’s Joey Gladstone was great with the Full House girls.

“I loved Joey when he had his heart to hearts with the girls,” the fan says. “He was actually one of the most sincere characters in serious moments on the show.”

Maybe Fans Of The Series Need To Be Just The Right Age To Get The Gladstone Humor

One commenter agrees that Joey Gladstone may not be funny to the older crowd. However, the Full House fan notes that children likely find him to be hilarious.

“To an adult, no — he probably wasn’t funny,” the commenter points out.

“But to kids — absolutely,” the Redditor adds.

“I mean, most of his audience was children,” the comment continues. “And to that extent, this show spent its first years on TGIF — which was marketed as “family-friendly” television.”