‘Full House’ Fans React To Unexpected Video Of John Stamos And Lori Loughlin

by Shelby Scott

Full House fans know John Stamos and Lori Loughlin as Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky respectively from the 1980s sitcom. So when Stamos took to Instagram with an unexpected ew clip featuring his old costar, fans went wild. Check it out.

Banging away at what Yahoo! identified as the conga drums, the star took to the stage with a cover of The Beach Boys’ “Kokomo.” His performance came as he announced plans to perform with The Beach Boys at one of their tour stops. However, in the background, we see Lori Loughlin having a blast behind Stamos’ shoulder. The video captures the actress as she sways back and forth clapping with a grin on her face.

“The Kokomo dancers,” the Full House star captioned his post, “featuring an old friend.”

After watching the clip, fans flocked to the comments.

“Have Mercy!” one fan quipped, quoting Uncle Jesse’s signature line. Another wrote, “Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse FOREVER!!”

Full House fans met John Stamos’s Uncle Jesse during the wholesome series’ very first episode. But it wasn’t very long before we were introduced to Aunt Becky. The following season, Aunt Becky made her Full House debut as Danny Tanner’s (Bob Saget) cohost on Wake Up, San Fransisco. Eventually, Loughlin and Stamos’ characters began dating and were later married. The series ended after the fictional couple welcomed twin boys of their own after helping raise Danny’s three daughters.

Lori Loughlin Sees Further Hurdles In Her Acting Career Post-‘Full House’ Reboot

Lori Loughlin’s Full House costars, including John Stamos and David Coulier, quickly recovered following news of the actress’s imprisonment. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean some of our favorite TV networks have.

After word broke that Loughlin had become involved with the infamous college admissions scandal, both Netflix, which produced the Full House reboot Fuller House, and the Hallmark Channel refused to welcome her back. However, another network has enthusiastically begun working with the Full House alum again.

Earlier this year, Candace Cameron Bure, another Full House alum, made the break with Hallmark in favor of the GAC Family, stating the network was more closely aligned with her values. Following Loughlin’s prison sentence, GAC plans to welcome Bure’s longtime costar as well. However, while Loughlin appeared in an episode of the network’s When Calls Hope last year, an upcoming role might prove difficult for her.

GAC Family’s next Lori Loughlin-starring project is set to take place in Canada, however, now, given her felony conviction and probation, she might not be allowed to cross our Northern border. So far, the U.S. has granted the Full House star special permission to go film the project. However, Canada is notoriously strict about keeping America’s convicted felons from crossing their borders.