‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Celebrates Daughter’s Middle School Graduation

by Megan Molseed

Full House star Jodie Sweetin is one proud momma as her daughter Zoie marks a major milestone. On May 13, Sweetin’s fourteen-year-old daughter celebrated her middle-school graduation as she prepares to head into high school next school year. It’s a big moment for Sweetin and her family, no doubt. And, we are glad the proud mother and Netflix star was willing to share the joy with the rest of us!

In a recent Instagram post, Sweetin shares the big moment with a sweet message for her daughter. Along with a picture of her daughter proudly donning her cap and gown on her graduation day.

“My Zo graduated 8th grade!!!” the television star exclaims of her young graduate.

“I’m so proud of all you made it through these last few years @bozoiee,” Sweetin continues in her touching message. The former Full House child star then adds three red heart emojis to her message noting that “Life threw a LOT of curveballs, but you did it!”

Fuller House Star Jodie Sweetin Swears Daughter Zoie’s Pre-School Graduation Was Just ‘Yesterday’ In Touching Insta Post

While penning the sweet Instagram message to her daughter Zoie on her middle school graduation day, Jodie Sweetin tells her daughter how proud of her she is on that special day.

“I hope you always know how special you are,” Sweetin tells her daughter in the touching message.

“And all the wonderful things you have to offer to the world,” the actress continues.

“I’m so proud to be your mama,” Sweetin tells Zoie, adding that time has gone way too fast in some ways.

“And I swear… we just did this for preschool yesterday,” the proud mother quips. “At least that’s what it feels like.”

There Is No Special Moment That Passes In The Full House Family Without Major Shout Outs From the Rest Of the Crew!

A big day such as this one doesn’t go on without Sweetin’s television family recognizing the exciting achievement. Jodie Sweetin’s on-screen sister, Candace Cameron Bure comments “Ahhhhhh! Congrats Zoie!” on the Insta post. Jodie Sweetin’s Dancing With the Stars partner Koe Motsepe even had some words of congratulations to add to the heartfelt Instagram post.

“Wait when?how?” the Dancing With the Stars player quips in the comments.

“My beautiful zo congratulations,” Motsepe adds.

There Are Some Big Moments In Jodie Sweetin’s Family Lately!

This memorable graduation isn’t the only big event going on in Sweetin’s family. Just days prior to Zoie’s big moment, her 11-year-old sister Beatrix marked her own special occasion when she completed her 6th-grade dance performance.

“Love this photo of Bea and I after her 6th grade dance performances last week,” Jodie Sweetin writes in her May 9 Instagram post. “She was excellent!!”