‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Landed Her Role Without Even Auditioning

by Chris Piner

Being one of ABC’s most beloved shows, Full House gained a massive following during its 8 season run. While there are plenty of shows that lasted longer, the story of the Tanner family stole the hearts of Americans during the 90s. And with Full House becoming such a national hit for the network, over the decades, many have wondered what took place behind the scenes and how the show came to be. Following the antics surrounding raising children as a single parent, Danny Tanner, played by Bob Saget, quickly became America’s dad. And standing alongside him, as the loveable Stephanie Tanner was Jodie Sweetin. 

Known for her thoughtful personality and obsession with Mr. Bear, Jodie Sweetin’s portrayal of Stephanie Tanner received her an award for Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Series. She received nominations in four other categories for her acting. Although ending its run in 1995, with almost 200 episodes, the door wasn’t closed on the Tanner family. In 2016, Jodie Sweetin reprised her role for a spin-off series Fuller House on Netflix. 

Jodie Sweetin Landed Full House Role Without Auditioning

Launching her career, Jodie Sweetin recently revealed how she landed the role of Stephanie Tanner in Full House. Surprisingly, she didn’t even audition.

Before gracing televisions across the nation, Jodie Sweetin received a guest spot on the 80s sitcom Valerie. Playing the niece of Mrs. Patty Poole, the cameo was more than enough to convince the producers of Full House, which was in development at the same time. 

Discussing how the process went, Jodie Sweetin, who was five when she first appeared on the show, said, “It was the same producers that were doing ‘Full House,’ the same executive producers, [Thomas] Miller, [Robert] Boyett, and they loved what I did and they cast me on ‘Full House’ from that. I never actually auditioned for the show. I basically did a guest appearance on ‘Valerie’ and they were like, ‘This is who we want for Stephanie.’ I was incredibly lucky.”

Moving Past Full House To Dominating The Hallmark Channel

With Jodie Sweetin coming from a family of non-actors, her parents were extremely cautious to let her pursue a Hollywood career. Her father was a drywall superintendent while her mother stayed at home. Still, giving Sweetin a chance, she admitted it changed their lives. She added, “I just always feel like I wound up exactly where I was supposed to be.”

Beyond her time as Stephanie Tanner, Jodie Sweetin acted in several movies that had nothing to do with Full House. For a while, the actress was a regular on the Hallmark Channel. She starred in numerous holiday films for the network that focused on embracing the Christmas spirit.