‘Full House’s Jodie Sweetin Reveals How She Paid Tribute To Bob Saget on Her Wedding Day

by Megan Molseed

Full House star Jodie Sweetin recently celebrated a big moment when she wed her longtime boyfriend Mescal Wasilewski in an intimate California ceremony last month. Among the friends and family attending the gorgeous affair were, of course, Sweetin’s TV costars Full (and Fuller) House costars such as Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, and John Stamos.

However, there was one other person from her Full House era that the bride feels made a visit to her on that special day…the late Bob Saget the actor who portrayed the actress’s Full House TV dad for decades. Saget, lost his life suddenly earlier in the year when he was found dead in a Florida hotel room in January.

In a recent discussion with E! News’s Daily Pop, Jodie Sweetin recounted a touching series of events that led to an impromptu – and incredibly touching – tribute to Bob Saget on Sweetin’s special day. It was a moment, the bride says, that she will never forget.

Jodie Sweetin’s Touching Story About Remembering Full House Costar Bob Saget During Her July 2022 Wedding

During the interview with the popular E! News program, Jodie Sweetin was asked if she felt like Bob Saget was there with her on her special day. And, Sweetin says as she prepares to tell her story, he most certainly was!

“John Stamos was there,” Jodie Sweetin recounts of her special day.

“And Candace and Andrea,” the star adds. Also attending the Full House star’s special day was Bob’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, Sweetin recalls.

Sweetin tells the E! News hosts that, earlier in the day, Stamos was on his way to the ceremony when he first decided he wanted to change his shirt.

“He goes up to his closet,” Sweetin relates. “Grabs a black button shirt out.” Nothing too big, right? Well, Sweetin says, there is a lot more to the story.

Sweetin remembers how, as Stamos was getting into the car, he began to wonder why his shirt was fitting so big. It wasn’t until a little later that Stamos figures it out.

“It was one of the shirts Kelly (Saget’s wife) had given him out of Bob’s closet,” the star relates.

Sweetin Believes This Was Bob Saget’s Way Of Being There For His TV Daughter

According to Jodie Sweetin’s story, Bob Saget almost always chose his black button-up shirts for special events. Events such as weddings, Sweetin points out.

Jodie remembers how her Full House costar made sure to tell her the story when he arrived. It was a sweet way to let her know that Bob Saget had made an appearance during her big day.

“He was like ‘Bob had to be here,'” Jodie recounts. And, the star adds, Bob was most certainly there “in a weird little way.”