‘Full House’ Star John Stamos Tries ‘Not To Cry’ as Son Starts School

by Alex Falls

John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh are facing a monumental moment in life this week. Their son 4-year-old son Billy is going off to start school.

The Full House star marked the emotional occasion by snapping an adorable picture of himself and his little twin before sending him off to school. Stamos shared the picture with his followers on Instagram.

“One of us is starting his first day at school. And the other is doing everything in his power not to cry,” Stamos said alongside the photo.

McHugh marked the emotional day in an Instagram post of her own as well. The proud parents wore matching white shirts with young Billy before his first day in the school world.

“Today was Billy’s first day at a new school! Nervousness and excitement all around,” McHugh said in her post. “So happy Lilo is improving with her treatments. Thank you for the thoughts, prayers, and healing vibes. It’s helping!”

John Stamos the Proud Father

Billy might just be entering his first day of school, but with a father as recognizable as the Full House star, the young Stamos is already becoming a wiz with pop culture. Stamos might be best remembered as Uncle Jesse, but he works on many TV and music projects. Including sporadic performances with the iconic band The Beach Boys. While Speaking with TVInsider, Stamos said gaining his son’s approval means the world.

“I was saying [while] at Disney hosting some event, any parents, the one thing you want your kids to do is think you’re cool, right? And I’ve been trying to get Billy to think I’m cool since he was two months old,” Stamos said. “He’s four now, we were in the car, The Beach Boys came on, I said, ‘hey, Billy, isn’t it cool your dad plays with The Beach Boys?’ He took the longest beat. He said, ‘Dad, do you know the Beatles?'”

Stamos certainly keeps a busy acting schedule as well. One of his son’s favorite roles is the voice of Iron Man/Tony Stark in the animated children’s show Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

“He tells everybody too, ‘My dad plays Iron Man,’ and they’re like, ‘No, that’s Robert Downey Jr.’ He says, ‘No, on the cartoon.’ He loves it,” Stamos said. “And I do Funhouse from home in my home studio. So he’ll come up and visit and he’ll sit there, mostly quiet. As soon as it starts, then he wants to start talking and give me directions and then we have to send him out, but he’ll sit on my lap and I’ll do the Salty Bones thing.”