‘Full House’ Star Candace Cameron Bure Once Revealed She Got Bullied for Her D.J. Tanner Role

by Craig Garrett

Candace Cameron Bure had never shied away from bullies even dating back to her Full House years as DJ Tanner. They say tough times never last, but tough people do. That saying goes double for child actors, often the focus of heavy scrutiny and bullying from their peers. It’s one of the reasons so many child stars are kept away from traditional public schools. However, Cameron Bure’s early experience with bullying likely made her a tough adult.

In 1989, the then 13-year-old Candace Bure told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she had been the victim of bullying. Students had learned of her new tv role on Full House and acted out. “I had some problems at school. Some kids would pull my hair and wrote bad stuff on my locker,” she said at the time. Showing wisdom beyond her years, she dismissed it as a temporary problem. “Because I’m in an adult world, I have a little older point of view of things than some of my friends,” Candace said. “Last year, it was kind of funny, because my friends kept telling me, ‘You sound like my mom.’”

Full House Star is still quick to deal with bullies

To this day, Candace Cameron Bure is quick to deal with bullies. She has remained a celebrity due to starring in Hallmark films through the years. Of course, she also received a boost when Fuller House, the sequel to Full House recently debuted on Netflix. Unfortunately, social media is plagued with commentators comfortable saying rude things thanks to their anonymity. Although Cameron Bure undoubtedly has an enthusiastic following, she also has a substantial number of internet detractors. Like any confident woman, Bure has no patience for online bullying and has a message for her internet haters.

Back in 2021, The Full House actress uploaded an innocent family Christmas photo to her Instagram account, It was met with a slew of negative comments. The image in question showed Candace Cameron Bure and Valeri Bure, along with their three beautiful children, posing for the camera. An uplifting holiday message was posted alongside the photo. However, Bure received hateful comments critiquing suspected photo editing to her children’s appearances. She vented to E! News at the time. “You know, people forget that—yes, I’m a celebrity—but I’m a real person,” she said. “I was simply sharing a family Christmas card. And it’s so strange to me that people have the audacity to write horrible and negative comments. Like, you would never say that to someone’s face.” The Full House star responded to some of the negative comments on social media, stating: “It was more about a reminder, like, I’m sharing the best of what I believe my family is on a Christmas card, so keep your mouth shut. If you don’t like it, just scroll on.”

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