‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier Explains How Sobriety Helped Him Cope With Bob Saget, Dad and Brother’s Death

by Caitlin Berard

Dave Coulier has devoted his life to improving the lives of others through comedy. Whether it’s a stand up performance, an episode of Full House, or one of the many cartoon characters to which he provided his voice, making people laugh has always been among Dave Coulier’s greatest skills.

In his own life, however, Dave Coulier has gone through plenty of hardship. Though he’s a constant source of cheerfulness on-screen, he struggled with personal demons behind the scenes.

The Full House star battled alcoholism for years before getting sober. And now that he is, he couldn’t be more grateful, as having a clear head helped him get through the deaths of his brother, father, and close friend Bob Saget.

In an interview on Tamron Hall, Dave Coulier opened up about what was no doubt some of the toughest experiences of his life. “I definitely went through the sorrow hat trick, so to speak,” Coulier said. “My brother took his own life, and he was actually the funniest person I’ve ever known.”

Dave Coulier then revealed the heartbreaking detail that he was the one who found his brother following his suicide. “A part of me died that day as well,” Coulier said. “Because I really loved my brother.”

“I made jokes to my friends and family and the line was, ‘Boy, I sure picked the wrong time in my life to stop drinking,” he continued. “And people would laugh at that knowing I was sober. And then my father passed away a couple of months ago, and I got to say all of the things that a song could say to his father about how proud I was.”

Dave Coulier Recalls His Last Conversation With ‘Full House’ Costar Bob Saget

As if losing both his father and brother wasn’t difficult enough, Dave Coulier lost one of his closest friends as well, his Full House costar, Bob Saget. The comedy icon passed away in January after suffering head trauma thought to be from a fall in his hotel room.

In his Tamron Hall interview, Dave Coulier recounted his final conversation with Bob Saget. “He was texting me and making me laugh, and we were texting back and forth and making each other laugh very, very hard,” Coulier recalled. “The last thing I said to him was, ‘Have a great show tonight.’ That was my last connection with Bob.”

Though he called the mental and physical withdrawals from alcohol “big challenges,” Dave Coulier now knows it was absolutely necessary. Setting alcohol aside allowed him to fully experience the loss of those closest to him, process his grief, and move on.

“I thought to myself after those three lives were gone, I would’ve never been able to feel all of that if I was drinking, and it was really important to me to just feel that sorrow,” said Coulier. “There was nothing masking that, there were no layers that were covering that up.”

“I thought to myself, ‘This is what I should be doing, I should be feeling this pain. I should be feeling this incredible love for these people.’ With alcohol, I was covering all that up,” he concluded. “It was a real stark reminder to me that alcohol has been stealing all of those moments in my life for a long, long time.”