‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier Nearly Appeared on ‘SNL’ But Was ‘Too Similar’ to Dana Carvey

by Emily Morgan

Dave Coulier nearly lost his chance to be Joey on the hit sitcom of the ’90s, “Full House.” His acting career almost changed course until a fellow actor and comedian stepped in. 

During a recent interview, Coulier revealed that he originally planned to head to New York rather than San Francisco in the ’80s for the chance to be on the iconic sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live.” 

The actor, best known for playing Joey on the beloved ABC sitcom alongside the late Bob Saget and John Stamos, opened up about this during the “Jim Norton & Sam Roberts” radio show on SiriusXM. 

According to Coulier, before he landed the gig that would make him a household name he auditioned for SNL. When he got a phone call saying he got the part, he knew his life would never be the same. However, things later unfolded differently than he expected. 

“I boxed up everything in my apartment and then ten days go by and I don’t hear anything,” he explained, per EW, on the show. “I’m trying to find an apartment in New York. I’m ready to go. Then I get a call that says, ‘I’ve got some bad news.’ I said, ‘What could be bad—I couldn’t find an apartment?’ He said, ‘No, you’re not going.'”

Per Coulier’s recollection, one of NBC’s executives believed the actor was too similar to another cast member: Dana Carvey. 

Fellow funny man takes Dave Coulier’s spot on SNL

“So I had to call everybody in my life and say I’m not going,” Coulier explained. However, at the time, Coulier had no idea another door was about to open for this acting career. 

Just a year later, he said, “I was given that script for “Full House,” and then, boom! I got it and I thought, how was that so easy?”

In Addition, Coulier pointed out that he has no bad feelings towards Carvey, especially considering the Wayne’s World actor had nothing to do with casting decisions for the show. 

Furthermore, Coulier snatching up the role on a prime-time sitcom would be a massive success for his career. He played Joey for eight seasons of “Full House” and later returned for the revival, “Fuller House.”

While Coulier said he was thrilled for Carvey, he admitted, “You’re always kind of shaking something like that off. But had I never gone to New York that year, I never would have been on Full House.”

Ultimately, Coulier would fit right in with his on-screen family just fine. 

Coulier has also opened up about his sobriety. In a recent interview with TODAY, he revealed he is grateful that he got sober before experiencing some of the hardest losses he’s ever endured. Coulier lost his brother, father, and longtime friend and costar, Bob Saget. 

“Thank goodness I was sober during my brother and my dad and Bob, because it really helped me go through a really tough time where I had to be in touch with the rawness of those feelings again,” he told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager.