‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin’s Husband: What to Know About Mescal Wasilewski

by Megan Molseed

Recently, Full/Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin wed her longtime love, Mescal Wasilewski. The couple had been dating for five years, before the summer 2022 nuptials. For some time this relationship between the TV star and her now-husband occurred during a cross-country long-distance romance when Sweetin was residing in Los Angeles and Mescal Wasilewski in Brooklyn.

Full House Star Jodie Sweetin Finds Her Happiness With New Husband, Mescal Wasilewski

Many of Jodie Sweetin’s Full House costars attended July 2022 nuptials between the actress and Wasilewski whom Sweetin has been dating for five years. And, since their July 30 nuptials, Jodie has been sharing more information about her new husband with fans, noting that their relationship is a “magical” one.

“We intertwine so well.,” the Full House star says of her new husband.

“He’s funny and smart,” Sweetin continues of Wasilewski.

“And he’s my biggest supporter,” she adds. “It’s really magical.”

But we wonder, who is Mescal Waslewski outside of actress Jodie Sweetin’s new husband? What does he do for a living and…we just have to know, what is it that draws the two newlyweds together in the first place?

What To Know About Mescal Wasilewski

Mescal Wasilewski was born in England but moved to the states when he was young. At just eight years old, Wasilewski moved to Santa Monica California where Wasilewski reveals in a recent interview, that he became “a troubled, poor, latchkey kid of the ’80s.”

However, Mescal Wasilewski chooses to take this experience and bring out some good with it. He uses his past to help others as he works as a primary therapist at Catalyst Recovery.

In this position the newlywed works with people struggling with drug-related addiction. Something that almost immediately drew the Full House actress to Wasilewski early on. Sweetin has long been open about her struggle with addiction. It helps, the couple says, that the two are sober together. Additionally, Mescal has just celebrated 20 years as a non-smoker.

Wasilewski Is An Avid Sports Fan – Even Getting A Tatoo Tribute To Vin Scully

Mescal Wasilewski is a dedicated sports fan and a longtime supporter of the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s even gotten a tattoo in honor of the late Dodgers player, Vin Scully.

Jodie Sweetin is happy to support the Dodgers with Wasilewski. The couple has even shared a few pics of themselves attending games to Wasilewski’s Instagram account.

A daytime date the couple are no doubt happy to have after having a long-distance romance for several years. Something that helped the relationship grow slowly, the Full House star adds.

“He was in Brooklyn, and I was here in L.A. for three and a half years,” Sweetin relates.

“So it was slow, and it was nice,” the Full House star adds.