‘Full House’ Star John Stamos Posts Video ‘Training’ For The Beach Boys’ European Tour

by Craig Garrett

John Stamos, star of Full House and cult classic Never Too Young to Die, is gearing up for a European Tour as drummer for the Beach Boys. Though Stamos bills himself as an “Ex Teen Idol” on his Instagram, the Fuller House star also frequently plays with his fellow Ex Teen Idols, the Beach Boys. Stamos is an accomplished musician, featuring his skills frequently on Full House. Since the 80s, he’s made multiple concert appearances as the drummer for the Beach Boys. Perhaps Stamos’ most high-profile moment with the legendary group is in the 1988 video for “Kokomo“.

“I never even dreamed of meeting the Beach Boys, let alone playing with them,” John Stamos told Kelly Clarkson on her show back in 2021. He had been a fan of the iconic band since attending his first Beach Boys concert at age 15. Stamos was appearing on General Hospital in the 1980s when he went to a Beach Boys concert. There, he was spotted by crazed soap opera fans and ended up taking refuge backstage. This series of events lead to co-founding Beach Boy Mike Love spotting Stamos and inviting him on stage for an encore. In 1992, Stamos even recorded a new version of The Beach Boys’ classic “Forever”. Eventually, the new recording of “Forever” was featured twice on Stamos’ family comedy Full House.

John Stamos has an unorthodox training method

Currently, John Stamos is getting into fighting shape for an upcoming tour. On his Instagram, Stamos posted a video highlighting his (ahem) current training regime. The video shows Stamos surrounded by a drum kit, wearing a spandex suit with high-tech sensors attached. “Hi, I’m getting ready to embark on my European Beach Boys tour,” he says in the video. Stamos grins before adding, “So I gotta be good.”

The Scream Queens star gestures at his outfit before adding, “I’m wearing this Lightning Fit, which is sort of like a giant TENS unit.” Briefly, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is often used by athletes to stimulate muscles and treat pain. Martial artist Bruce Lee was an early adopter of the treatment and helped popularize it. Eventually, John Stamos sits at the kit and produces a rabid percussive beat set to a timer. While he taps away at the drums, he grimaces lightly as the electric current presumably pulses through him. The camera operator pans up, displaying the amount of voltage being used. After switching up the rhythm for a moment, Stamos concludes his demonstration. He lets out a breath and concludes, “that’s good.” Watch the full clip here.

The Beach Boys, including John Stamos, are set to kick off the European tour later this month, which includes a date set at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London.