‘Full House’ Was Filmed on the Same Soundstage as This Iconic Sitcom

by Joe Rutland

People love Full House and enjoy hearing about the show’s history which does involve the late comedian Bob Saget. Of course, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, Lori Loughlin, Jodie Sweetin, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen also had parts, too. Well, the ABC sitcom has a connection with another iconic sitcom. You might not connect these two together because they are different. Yet the story that does bring them together is interesting.

OK, so Full House was filmed on a soundstage at the famed Warner Bros. lot. Once the show was canceled, another sitcom took over the spot. Which one? Friends. The NBC sitcom, which would become one of the most popular in TV history, did film its episodes there. In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s known as The Friends Stage on the Warner Bros. lot.

‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Never Had To Audition For Her Role

Let’s look at a little bit of show history. For Sweetin, she said that she didn’t have to even audition for her role. She played Stephanie Tanner on the sitcom. What, though, is this about no audition at all? Wow. So, we have to go back to her appearing as a guest star on the 1980s sitcom Valerie. That show did star classic TV actress Valerie Harper for a couple of seasons before turning into The Hogan Family.

“It was the same producers that were doing Full House, the same executive producers, [Thomas] Miller, [Robert] Boyett, and they loved what I did and they cast me on Full House from that,” Sweetin said in an interview. “I never actually auditioned for the show. I basically did a guest appearance on Valerie and they were like, ‘This is who we want for Stephanie.’ I was incredibly lucky.”

In another interview, Coulier would remember the first time he met Saget. “I met Bob when I was 18 years old, and he was on a comedy store tour here in Detroit…I was an 18-year-old comic and wannabe, and he walked in and just blew this,” Coulier told Fox News. He added that he and Saget “became instant friends. And then I ended up sleeping on his couch in LA.” Coulier played comedian Joey Gladstone, or Uncle Joey, on the sitcom. Saget, of course, played Danny Tanner. As most fans of this amazing show know, it would come back years later as Fuller House over on Netflix. Coulier also recalled that his character would end up sleeping on Danny’s couch on the TV show. He would term it as life imitating art. But yeah, this popular sitcom will always have an attachment with Friends. Talk about a small world in the world of entertainment.