‘Full House’: Why Bob Saget Didn’t Originally Have the Role of Danny Tanner

by Samantha Whidden

Although he became well-known as the wise single dad Danny Tanner on “Full House,” Bob Saget actually didn’t originally have the “dad next door” role. 

Yahoo! Entertainment reports that John Posey actually played the beloved “Full House” character in the hit sitcom’s unaired pilot in 1987. A representative from ABC was notably in the audience at a comedy show Comedia in Atlanta when they saw Posey perform. They then decided he would be a perfect fit for Danny Tanner. After a brief conversation with the rep, Posey headed to Los Angeles to film the pilot. However, Posey was notably not the first choice for the role. 

Posey previously stated that he was originally told ABC was looking all over the country for people and just couldn’t find the right actor for the role. Then he found out that Bob Saget and Paul Reiser were on the list for the “Full House” role. But neither was available at the time. 

One month after filming the “Full House” pilot, Posey’s agent called him with some bad news. His agent told him that the network had changed their minds and gave the role to Bob Saget after all. “I didn’t know at the time that he was the guy they originally wanted,” Posey explained. “I guess something opened up for him… And I guess the executive producer talked ABC into allowing him to re-shoot. So that was the end of that.”

Posey went on to land some other roles on TV shows, including “Cheers,” “Dallas,” “The Marshal,” and “My Wildest Dreams.” 

“Full House” ran from September 1987 to May 1995. Those who starred on the show with Bob Saget include Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen. 

Bob Saget Felt Bad About Replacing John Posey on ‘Full House’ 

In his autobiography “Dirty Daddy,” Bob Saget reflected on being cast for the “Full House” role. He also said he felt bad for replacing John Posey so suddenly. “Upon seeing the pilot, I thought he had done a really good job in it,” Saget wrote. “I actually didn’t understand why they wanted to replace him.”

Posey spoke about Saget’s comments about the situation. “I’ve never spoken to Bob,” Posey admitted. “John Stamos is a friend. Dave Coulier is a friend. I know that the young girls were all a little bit shattered when it happened, because we developed a pretty good relationship. Candace [Cameron Bure], she was very upset that [it] fell apart. It was hard for the kids to have to do this all over again with somebody they didn’t know.” 

In regards to whether or not he watched “Full House,” Posey added, “I probably had seen a couple of episodes once it aired. And I think I was kind of disturbed by the fact… you know, I’m kind of a competitive guy. I come from an athletic background. I thought, ‘Wow! They dumped me. It’s probably not a show I would have watched, so I think I’m going to bail.’”