‘Fuller House’: How This Reboot Plot Hole Went Against the ‘Full House’ Grain’

by Taylor Cunningham

The Full House spinoff—Fuller House—was one of the most true-to-story reboots ever to hit TV. And the series remained that way until the very last episode. Then in the final moments of the story, it opened a complete plot hole.

In 2016, The Netflix series opened with a near exact storyline as its classic TV predecessor. Just over 20 years had passed for the beloved Tanner family, and a new tragedy had struck. D.J. was widowed when her firefighter husband lost his life to the job. And she was left to raise three boys on her own.

Of course, that’s how Danny Tanner’s life panned out during the premiere of the OG series. In his case, his wife died of cancer, and he was left with three young girls. So to help, his best friend, Joey Gladstone, and his brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis, moved into the iconic San Francisco row home to help raise the kids.

When D.J. suffered the same fate, her father handed her the keys to that same row home. And her own best friend and sister, Kimmy and Stephanie, moved in to give D.J. some much-needed support.

As the story moved through five seasons, the series stayed true to its TGIF roots. While some aspects were modernized, at heart, the plot was about family, whether by blood or by choice. The adults had the same one-on-one chats as they helped the kids navigate life. And D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie supported each other through their respective heartaches.

But the writers dropped the ball during the finale.

No One Showed Up For the Grooms During the ‘Fuller House’ Wedding

The last episode of Fuller House was actually quite satisfying as a whole. All three women married their perfect matches in a joint wedding. And while two of the newly wedding couples initially decided to move out of DJ’s house, they changed their minds last minute. So now we can all imagine them living happily ever after under the same roof.

However, like usual, everything focused on the brides, not the grooms. The ceremony and reception were filled with their friends and family. But for some reason, no one—aside from ex-girlfriends—showed up for Steve, Fernando, or Jimmy.

With no friends or family in sight, Fuller House really missed the mark. While it’s obvious that the leading ladies would have their crew in the crowd, it should have been just as obvious that the show would highlight the grooms’ many relationships. And even just a parent or two would have sufficed.

In the end, it was only a minor slip-up that most fans likely missed. But because wholesome bonds were at the core of Full House, it would make sense that the ladies were marrying men who held the same values.