FX Boss Speaks Out About Shooting on Set of ‘Justified: City Primeval’

by Taylor Cunningham

FX Chairman John Landgraf is finally speaking out following the July shooting on the set of Justified: City Primeval.

“I think it was a pretty traumatic experience for the cast and crew to be anywhere near that kind of gunfire,” the network boss said during the FX executive session at TCA. “A lot was done to take a break and make sure everyone was OK, and we [increased] security.”

The incident happened on July 21st as the limited series was filming in downtown Chicago. According to reports, filming was in full swing near Douglass Park when two cars crashed through barricades on set. The drivers then began a shootout as they continued rolling into the filming area.

Luckily, no one was injured. But to keep the cast and crew safe from further threats, Sony hired a special team to offer higher security. That team includes a trained hostage negotiator and former Navy SEAL and Army Rangers. The new recruits will work in tandem with the existing security member and the Chicago Police Department, according to Deadline.

The studio is also offering shuttles for people who are concerned about walking to and from the set.

Landgraf continued by saying that Disney’s “extraordinary security system” helped keep the people on set safe during the event.

“We take that stuff really seriously, we are glad that no one was injured, and we are glad that we were able to get back to production safely,” he added.

A ‘Justified: City Primeval’ Crew Member Detailed the Harrowing Events

Since the shooting made headlines, a crew member has come forward to recount the events. However, they asked to remain anonymous as the Chicago PD completes its investigation.

“I’m originally from a military town, so I know what gunshots sound like,” they told Variety. The pops became louder and the crew realized they were in danger. “Our first AD got on the walkie and told everyone, ‘Get down, take off your safety vests, those are gunshots.’”

The crew member shared that they were preparing for a chase scene just before they heard the gunfire. And as they were giving the actors the final go-ahead, the cars drove past their camera crane operators. When the criminals started the gunfire, the operators were so close that they had to “drive and take a left to get away from them.”

There was also a dangerously close call with another crew member.

“[My co-worker] moved out of the way just in time because a bullet hit the glass of the bus stop and shattered the glass,” they added.