Gabby Petito’s Mom To Appear on the ‘TODAY Show’: Here’s How, When To Watch

by Samantha Whidden

As the one-year anniversary of her daughter’s death nears, Gabby Petito’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, will be opening up on the “Today Show” about how her advocacy against domestic violence.

“A year after the tragic murder of Gabby Petito, her mother opens up to Kate Snow on how she’s helping other victims of domestic violence,” the “Today Show” announced on Twitter. The interview will take place during the morning show’s next episode on Thursday (August 4th).

Last August, Gabby Petito was killed by her then-fiance Brian Laundrie while the duo was on a cross-country road trip. The trip began in early July 2021 and was planned to last for a total of four months. Petito last spoke to her parents in late August and went missing shortly after that. 

Laundrie went on to raise suspicion about his involvement with Gabby Petito’s disappearance. When he drove his fiancee’s van from Wyoming back to his parents’ house in Florida. He then refused to cooperate with helping in the search for Petito. 

To make matters worse, Laundrie himself went missing in mid-September. This was days before Gabby Petito’s body was discovered in Teton National Park. An autopsy confirmed that Petito was murdered by manual strangulation. The search for Laundrie continued until late October. However, his skeletal remains were discovered in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environment Park. His autopsy confirmed that he died due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. A notebook found near the remains had Laundrie’s confessional of Petito’s death. 

Gabby Petito’s Mother Shares a Quote About Grief Following Murder 

The interview with the “Today Show” comes just a couple of weeks after Gabby Petito’s mother took to Twitter with a tragic post about grief following a murder. “I don’t know who wrote this, but wow, isn’t this the truth,” Schmidt wrote. “So sorry to all who have had to endure this pain and daily struggle. I’m sending you all love, strength, and good vibes, as you have done for me.”

The quote reads, “Although the struggle with grief is part of every death, murder is darker than death, and so is the road to surviving and healing in the aftermath. Murder devours innocent lives with a cruelty that is absent of reason, absent of values, and absent of compassion.”

Gabby Petito’s mother’s quote further states that murder breaks all the sacred rules and knows no fairness. It also cannot be undone or compensated. “It provides fear and rage, and temps us to battle it on its terms instead of ours. Murder drives even the most loving and compassionate people to the edge of that fine line that separates our respect for life from our violent potentials.”

The quote goes on to reveal the aftermath of murder, which takes the victim’s loved ones straight through hell where they have to stand eye-to-eye with the evil that hides behind human faces. “And what do we do in the face of that evil defines what lies behind our own face. The aftermath of murder is nothing less than a full-blown emotional and spiritual struggle.”