Game Show Network Removed From Sling TV After Major Dispute

by Shelby Scott

Dish and Sling TV subscribers will be disappointed to know that the Game Show Network has been removed from both platforms after the involved parties were unable to reach a contract agreement following a months-long dispute.

According to Variety, the Game Show Network places blame for its removal on Dish Network and Sling TV. Meanwhile, Dish claims the GSN enacted an “about-face,” causing any potential contract agreement to fall through.

Taking to Twitter, the Game Show Network wrote on Tuesday, “[Dish] and [Sling TV] cancelled Game Show Network! At [GSN] we are working hard to make Game Show Network available to you again.”

According to the outlet, the disgruntled network directed Dish and Sling TV subscribers to The website provides information on how to contact the TV network and switch providers.

The heated post continued, “Dish is choosing to do this to Game Show Network, an independent network, that costs virtually nothing compared to local retransmission or sports networks.”

Dish Speaks Out About Game Show Network’s Termination of Services

On the other hand, Dish said in a statement of their own that after “months of working with GSN to reach a fair agreement, they have done an about-face and forced a programming blackout on Dish and Sling customers.” Nevertheless, they said they hope to continue hashing things out with the network and welcome GSN back soon.

Dish’s Senior Vice President of programming, Andy LeCuyer, also spoke out about the blackout. He said of the GSN’s decision to discontinue its services, “Unfortunately, Game Show Network made the decision to remove its service from Dish and Sling, backpedaling out of a handshake agreement to continue carriage of their service on our platforms. This is a deceitful negotiation tactic aimed at our customers, putting them in the middle.” In addition, Dish labeled GSN’s removal of services a “forced blackout.”

Variety states GSN provides subscribers with several favorite game shows. A handful include Family Feud, The $100,000 Pyramid, Deal or No Deal, The Match Game, Cash Cab, Master Minds, and America Says.

‘Jeopardy!’ Icon Ken Jennings Previously Appeared in a GSN TV Show

Game Show Network is definitely not one of streaming‘s most popular brands. However, it does feature some fan-favorite game shows, including, as mentioned above, Family Feud and The $100,000 Pyramid. That said, it does not feature one of TV‘s cornerstone game shows: Jeopardy!

Interestingly, though, one of Jeopardy!’s icons has appeared on the Game Show Network before and that’s former champ Ken Jennings.

In addition to starring as one of Jeopardy!‘s two permanent cohosts, Ken Jennings has also featured on other popular game shows. Most recently, he appeared in an episode of The $100,000 Pyramid, hosted by Good Morning America‘s Michael Strahan. However, last year, Jennings appeared in another popular GSN TV show: Master Minds.

Master Minds originally aired on the GSN in 2019, formerly known as Best Ever Trivia Show. It was rebranded as Master Minds in 2020.