‘General Hospital’ Welcoming Back Longtime Former Character in Upcoming Episodes

by Chris Piner

Most shows hope to land just a few seasons to prove themselves as a pillar for the network, but General Hospital stands in a league of its own as Guinness World Records considers it to be the longest-running soap opera in production in America. When looking at the world stage, it sits third behind Coronation Street and The Archers. But for General Hospital, its time dominating television came with the most Daytime Emmy Awards with 14. First premiering in 1963, the series has over 15,000 episodes with a wide range of cast members. Among the star-studded cast was actress Emma Samms who made her debut on the soap opera 40 years ago in 1982. And while her character, Holly Sutton, has appeared on and off the show since then, it appears Samms is making a comeback. 

Speaking with Deadline, the 61-year-old actress revealed her return to General Hospital in October. “I can’t believe that it’s been 40 years since I first appeared on General Hospital and that, once again, I get to play the wonderful character of Holly Sutton.” Emma Samms added, ”No one is more interested in what’s happened to her since we saw her two years ago, being held captive by a mysterious villain, than me!”

Emma Samms’ Return To General Hospital Stopped By COVID-19

For fans of General Hospital, they remember Holly Sutton in September of 2020. Her on-screen death appeared a hoax as she stood alive, but a hostage in a cell in Monte Carlo. Now with her return, executive producer Frank Valentini shared his excitement as well. “I am thrilled the wonderful Emma Samms will be returning to the canvas in October, so we can continue telling Holly’s story and the fans can finally see what happened after we learned she was alive and being held hostage.”

Back in 2020, General Hospital teased the return of Emma Samms but the actress contracted COVID-19 which led to her struggling with the virus for a long time. She eventually had to film her last scene from her home in the United Kingdom.

Discussing her battle with COVID-19, Emma Samms admitted, “Everybody said, ’10 days and it will be over and you’ll come out the other side’. But some days I can barely get out of bed and it is the most incredibly frustrating thing.”

Fighting COVID-19 for so long, Emma Samms told PEOPLE, “The fatigue that comes with Long COVID is not regular fatigue, it’s not where I feel a bit sleepy. It’s the kind that you might imagine marathon runners feeling when you see them staggering over a finish line and they can barely stand up. Some days I don’t want to get out of bed even if I have to go to the bathroom. Even that feels like too much effort.”