‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’: Team Turin Goes to Great Lengths to Find Gold

by Taylor Cunningham

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine is back on Discovery tonight. And according to a new promo, this season is gearing up to be the most challenging yet.

“Everybody’s looking for good ground now. The demand is extreme,” Turin says in the video. “We’ve gotta beat the competition.”

Judging by the promo, Dave Turin isn’t having as much luck searching for riches the fourth time around. Shot after shot shows the mine boss coming up empty during digs. And because of that, he heads off to “the remote corners” of America in hopes of finding striking gold.

And when he and the team do dig up some hard cash, it seems to come with some occupational hazards, like bears, floods, and more.

“Y’all think that it’s all just F***ing easy,” Turin grumbles.

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine season 4 isn’t just about money though. The Discovery promo also shows that the team has its fair share of drama to work through. And even worse, one miner’s wife goes missing during filming. And Search and Rescue has to scour the hills hoping to find her.

But there are some positives to watch for this year. As the video ends, it teases that Turin and his crew will “face their biggest gamble ever,” and it looks like whatever that gamble is, it works out in their favor, with loads of gold chunks.

Watch season 4 of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine Friday at 9 pm on The Discovery Channel, with the first episode dropping tonight.

‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’ Began After a ‘Gold Rush’ Feud Led to a Physical Altercation

For those of you wondering why Dave Turin left the original Gold Rush series to film his own spinoff, the reason is quite dramatic.

Turin was formerly a member of Todd Hoffman’s crew for six years. But during season 8, things got ugly between him and his team members.

In 2016, he told People that he spent a lot of time wondering if he “was in the right spot.” But, he managed to stick around until he and fellow Hoffman member Trey Poulson got into a fistfight in front of the camera crews.

As he told the publication, the trouble had been building for some time. And it was mostly due to a streak of bad luck.

“We started in Oregon with the highest hopes that we ever had,” he shared. ” And the prospects of gold is better than anything we’ve ever seen. I felt like for our team, we come back off of the best season we ever had and we go to Oregon. We were going to do amazing things, but then it starts to fall apart.” 

“It happened from within,” Turin noted. “We couldn’t predict it. You can’t predict people and what’s going on inside of them.”