‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’: Where Is the Show Filmed?

by Taylor Cunningham

We have it on good authority that Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine is filmed 100% on location. And unlike the original series, there are no rumors of producers intentionally creating turmoil to pull in viewers.

Turin is, of course, one of the original series OG stars. The miner began working on Gold Rush in 2011, just one year after it debuted. And since, he’s appeared on seven spinoffs, including Lost Mine.

In the show, Turin travels the country to restore abandoned gold mines to their glory days. And because of that, he doesn’t film in just one spot. But he always films at the exact location he’s highlighting.

During seasons 1 through 3, the reality star worked all over the Western United States. While traveling, he spent time in Montana, Colorado, and Arizona. During season 3, he and his team visited the Lovitt Day Mine in CO. Then he moved on to Arizona before heading to his old stomping grounds in Alaska.

In between, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine has also stopped at the Lynx Creek mine site in Prescott Valley, Arizona, And one of the show’s most interesting projects was inside of Colorado’s Box Creek mining district, which is made up of 50 active mines.

But while he’s darting all over the US, he’s always made it clear that each project he works on is genuinely depicted. The show never makes efforts to make a mine look worse for drama’s sake.

The Star Moved to ‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’ After Getting into a Fist Fight on the Original Series

And luckily, Turin’s current gig seems to be fitting him well, which comes as a pleasant change from his time on Gold Rush.

The former Todd Hoffman crew member left the series back in 2017 after spending six years amassing a fortune alongside other stars like Parker Schnabel.

According to an interview with People, he exited after spending some time wondering if he “was in the right spot.”

During his final episodes, Dave Turin was visibly upset. Not only was his crew struggling to stay ahead, but the guys were also constantly at odds. In one situation, Turin even got into a physical altercation with Trey Poulson in front of the cameras. And after that, the fed-up star realized he had to leave.

“We started in Oregon with the highest hopes that we ever had,” Turin shared in 2016. ” And the prospects of gold is better than anything we’ve ever seen. I felt like for our team, we come back off of the best season we ever had and we go to Oregon. We were going to do amazing things, but then it starts to fall apart.” 

“It happened from within,” he added. “We couldn’t predict it. You can’t predict people and what’s going on inside of them.”