‘Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine’: Dave Has a Big Chance in Preview of Tonight’s New Episode

by Shelby Scott

When it comes to mining, there is a multitude of considerable risks, especially depending on the reaped rewards. However, when Gold Rush fans tune in to a brand new episode of Dave Turin’s Lost Mine on Friday night, Dave has just one shot at a huge opportunity on a Montana farm. Check out the preview below.

Per the above clip, Dave Turin is hoping to break into “the best piece of ground in the lower 48 [states].” Located up around Avon, Montana, Turin’s prospective dig is especially important as he aims to come to an agreement with the landowners.

However, he and the rest of the Gold Rush team will only have one shot at a successful prospect. Prefacing the evening’s upcoming episode of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, the series star explained, “It’s real sensitive because I have to prove to them that we’re responsible miners.”

As we’ve seen in previous episodes and seasons of Gold Rush, the digging doesn’t always go as planned and, on occasion, can rapidly fall into chaos. Be sure to tune in to Friday night’s all-new episode of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine to see whether or not he and his team can snag this major opportunity.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Fred Lewis Looks To The Sky For a Unique Finds

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine differs from Discovery’s original reality TV series as it strays far from the frigid temperatures and solid grounds of the Yukon and various regions across Alaska. Instead, a quick online search tells us that Turin and his team often seek potential paychecks across the American West and Midwest. As such, the scenery has to be almost as rewarding as uncovering gold bits themselves. For original Gold Rush star Fred Lewis, though, the most intriguing and rewarding finds aren’t always found in the ground. Check out his recent post here.

The photo, which captures a dark though stunning nighttime sky, features the Aurora Borealis, also commonly known as the Northern Lights. In the caption, the Gold Rush star wrote, “First glimpse of Aurora Borealis…of the season!”

More emphatically, he added, “Amazing to think how they get here, science is so cool.” Lewis also captioned the photo with the hashtag, “#misfitsmining.”

Fans, admiring the TV star’s photo, had plenty of compliments to share in addition to a handful of insightful responses.

“Nice,” one Gold Rush fan commented. “Not all the ‘gold’ is in the ground.”

Another wrote, “Nature at its best.”

At the same time, fans, lucky enough to see or have previously seen the Aurora Borealis, shared their own experiences in the comments.

“They are amazing to see and watch!” one wrote. “I’m sure happy we get to see them here in Alberta Canada.”