‘Gold Rush’ Fans Do Not Like Comparisons Between Rick and Todd

by Emily Morgan

In “Gold Rush,” the Discovery show that follows various small mining companies as they look for gold, we see much more than just the search. We also get to meet and understand the individuals in the show as they deal with their operations.

For example, Todd Hoffman, the original miner that inspired the show’s creation, was the leading cast member for its first eight seasons. With that, fans developed their own opinions on how Hoffman and his team ran their mining operation.

Although Hoffman and his family have since left the show, it hasn’t stopped viewers from drawing comparisons between Hoffman and newcomer Rick Ness.

We first met Ness in season 2 when he was just a miner who assisted with operations before starting his own gold hunt this season. Now, fans say that Ness’ tactics are similar to Hoffman’s, while others argue this isn’t the case.

Although Hoffman was a staple on the show for years, his legacy is somewhat muddled. Hoffman had a propensity to set hard-to-reach goals for his crew. As a result, the group often failed at hitting their targets.

In the past, Hoffman’s former team members have commented on his unique approach to mining. For example, during a 2016 interview, “Gold Rush” star Dave Turin said, “Todd set the lofty goal that was something that I thought he was nuts.”

In addition, Hoffman had another major blunder in Season 4, when the miners attempted to mine in South America. Ultimately, their attempt was unsuccessful, with the group finding only two ounces of gold. At the time, Hoffman faced criticism for putting his workers at risk.

However, he’s not the only miner to have made messed up. While assisting Parker Schnabel’s operation, he also made an error.

In Season 8, Ness faced backlash when he spent $50,000 of his boss’ money without consulting him first. He took the cash to hire four additional workers for their operation in the Panama Canal. While it’s clear that they both have made mistakes, is it fair to say that Ness is the new Hoffman?

‘Gold Rush’ fans argue differences, similarities between Rick Ness and Todd Hoffman

In a post on the r/goldrush subreddit, one user argued that Ness was different from Hoffman, citing multiple reasons. The user says that Ness has a different experience running the operation. The user also claims that he’s frugal and listens when people give him advice.

While some users agreed with the claims, some argued that Ness was much more proactive regarding challenges.”When anything goes wrong Rick goes to help,” user u/raybone12 commented. “Todd would show up complain and leave.”

Whatever you believe about the two, it’s safe to say they are mining their own path. As Ness continues in “Gold Rush,” only time will tell how his legacy will unfold.

As for Hoffman, he recently returned to gold mining in his new series “Hoffman Family Gold.””I think this time I have a better perspective,” Hoffman said in an interview with Monsters and Critics. But, he added, “We make better moves. Better decisions.”